Hello Family! August 3, 2015

Mercedes was baptized and it was incredible! The time keeps flying! I am loving the mision more than ever and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! I LOVE IT!


I hope you all have a great week and that you keep relying on the Lord in all things!
I also challenege you all to read ALMA 5 Its the best! It is Ā great self evaluation of where we are at!
Hermana Ostler
ps. Sorry for the short letters… šŸ˜¦

Weekly Letter ….. July 27, 2015


IĀ am so sorry IĀ didnt write anything but it was a great fast week we had intercambios and we went bowling today.
IMG_6590 IMG_1139 IMG_1130IMG_1137
Ā my investigator is getting baptized this week! WOOOHHHOOOOOO! We are so pumped out!
you all are amazing!
Love, Hermana Ostler
ps. I am sorry dont be mad….. sorry IĀ love you all!

Hola Familia y amigos! July 20, 2015


How is everyone? I hope everyone had a great week! I sure did! I am super tired but super contenta! šŸ™‚ wooooohhhooooo
Today we went to JUMBO this little shopping center in Adrogue and we walked around then we did our shopping and then we did ALBĀ“s (contacting in the area of the sisters!) It was super fun but no one really wanted to talk. We did find some people to talk to and we found one who has a familiy and said that they would love to learn more and that they have lots of faith! We are so excited for the sisters to contact them! šŸ™‚
Today we had our Reunion de Zona and it was super fun! We had teams the Lamanites and the Nephites! I was a Lamanite! šŸ™‚ they were like football teams and we had to answer questions and play certain games! We really enjoyed it and learned a lot!
We then started exchanges! These are with the new sisters that are from the other mission but are now in our mission! We have never gone to their area so it was an adventure! We found it and it all worked out and then we started exchanges! I went to Cuidad Evita with the Hermana MuƱoz from Spain and Hermana Hoy stayed in Banfield with Hermana Batista from Brazil! It was super fun and we had a lot of great experiences! I love getting to know the other hermanas. They are all so great and IĀ always learn so much from them! šŸ™‚
In the exchange we talked with a few people that really bashed the church and said a lot of things against the church! It was a really big Testimony builder! It helped me really realize that IĀ know without a doubt that these things are true! I have no doubt in my mind! I love this gospel IĀ dont understand everything but IĀ know that it is true and that God loves His children (1 nefi 11:17)
We also had a lesson in the stairwell of an apartment building with 4 young teens! It was a really neat experience and just proves that you really can feel the Spirit in whatever place!
So like IĀ said we did contacting close to the temple! That was so cool! Just being close to the temple is a linda experience!
Well this transfer has been full of running! My companion and iI are always running to get to places ALWAYS! haha We had to run about three blocks to catch a bus that passed us but we caught him at a stop light! haha šŸ™‚
We then had correlacion and then we ran to take another bus to o eat with the financers-The Mitchells! They are SUPER AWESOME AND SUPER SWEET! We ate chicken grape salad and brownies and we talked in ENGLISH! that was so weird they asked me te offer the first prayer and it was super hard! jaja
(oh by the way mom you shoud add on facebook Jean Thurgood and Beth Mitchell-They posted fotos)DSCF2613[1]
We moved back into our apartment and it is so cute! It has light tourqiose walls and IĀ love it! its so happy! We dont have a stove yet and the joke is that they are “punishing us” haha but no they are just looking to where they want to buy us a new one and they should be bringing it this week! But we also dont have hot water… haha so luckily they just bought us a microwave that day so we have been heating up our water in our microwave every night! haha it takes about an hour to heat up the water for my companion to shower and then another hour for me! BUT IT WORKS! The first night it was not that warm…. and i thought of the scripture in D&C 121:7 that sayd” and their afflictions would be for but a short moment” and that helped me! Ā but yeah it did remind me of the coast when IĀ first started out showering with buckets….. good times! šŸ™‚
DSCF2296[1] DSCF2294[1]
We did visits with a returned missionary that will be getting married soon! its super fun with him and he speaks a good bit of english but it is the best the way he says it! we are always cracking up laughing! But this is something IĀ love here there are so many returned missionaries to accompany us! I LOVE IT!
OUR INVESTIGATOR IS GOING TO BAPTIZED THE 1st OF AUGUST! I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED SHE IS THE BEST! She told us that she has no doubt that this is the right decision! šŸ™‚ :)))))) WOOOHHOOOOOOOO
I cant contain my JOY! She is such an amazing person and IĀ am so happy for her!
This night we also visited a family with our mision lider and it was really great the only thing was that something got in my eye and it really hurt but we didnt know what it was and couldnt get it out and the whole lesson it had it covered with my hand like a pirate haha but it was an absolutely great lesson!
Was a busy busy busy day! We had a visit with Esteban and his dog that is huge did and underdog through my legs! He is huge!
We then had lunch with the sweet Hna Colosimo and then we cleaned the church had english class then we went to pick up our investigators for a FHE in the house of a member and then we went home and started heating up our water to shower! hahaha IT WAS A FUN GREAT DAY!
It was such a great day I always love going to church on Sunday it is such a special opportuniy that we have to partake of the sacrament and renew our covenants with the Lord!
Scriptures that we shared this week that really impacted me!
  • Mosiah 4:27 Sometimes we strive to be perfect and want to skip to the part where we are perfect but that is not the purpose of this life the purpose is to grow step by step STEP BY STEP for this same reason the Lord has given us the gospel and the Atonement to spply ion our lives and day by day PROGRESS AND BECOME!
  • Mosiah 24:13-15 I love this scripture because it doesnt say that he took away all their burdens it says that he made them lighter. How does He do this? by giving us the medios to sopport the hard times and burdens we have! THese medios are the principles of the gospel! We are so blessed as members to have these medios to apply in our lives to help lighten our burdens!
Well i have to stop here but next week i will share more of what i studied this week!
I LOVE YOU ALL and i hope you all have the best week every and try to stop and think of the Savior each day!
Hermana Ostler


Heeeelllllooooooooooo FAMILY AND FRIENDS!


Where to begin?

Well Monday night Hermana Chaque left for MEXICO! wooooohhhoooooo She is now serving over there! It was a little wierd when she left because we got used to the trio but now we are down to just the two of us for now! šŸ™‚

I love my companion she is super sweet and funny! šŸ™‚ She loves to laugh and make jokes so we get along really well! šŸ™‚

Oh yeah also because we are living in Adrogue we got invited to their district activity and it was sooooo fun! We played SOCCER! We played the entire time and it was super fun! My comp now loves it and wants me to teach her how to play! It was a blast! TOOO FUN!


Today we had our district meeting and it was soooo good! We taught about the importance of faith and this month our mission is focusing on chapter 6 of predicad mi evangelio- atributos de Cristo! It is soooo awesome! I love studying more about Christ and how IĀ can be more like Him. I have a long way to go but IĀ know if IĀ make an effort each day and little by little IĀ can develop these Christlike attributos.Ā “MayĀ yourĀ effortsĀ toĀ developĀ ChristlikeĀ attributesĀ beĀ successfulĀ soĀ thatĀ HisĀ imageĀ mayĀ beĀ engravenĀ inĀ yourĀ countenanceĀ andĀ HisĀ attributesĀ manifestĀ inĀ yourĀ behavior.”Ā I invite you all to reread this talk it is so good!Ā “What manner of men and women ought ye to be?” by lynn g robbins

We also had lots of awesome lessons!



My companions first leadership council! It was so good! We talked a lot about safety and other really good things! it was also super funny because they talked about what would happen if the oil catches on fire in your apartment and we were able to answer that question…. jaja President Thurgood was just looking at us with his smile on his face! He is so great! šŸ™‚ We also had our meeting with our mission leader who is super awesome and has only been a member for two years but you would have never guessed that HE IS SO AWESOME!

The members here are really great and there are a lot of ex missionaries! So they always acompany us! Pretty much everyday one of them is with us! ITS THE BEST! Do visits with the missionarues! They need your help in the LordĀ“s work!

Friday was the best!

OUR INVESTIGATOR PRAYED AND SAID THAT SHE RECIEVED AN ANSWER THAT THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!! HALLELUYAH! šŸ™‚ we were so excited and happy that we could not contain our joy!Ā  She is planning on being baptized the 25th of this month! wooohhoooooo!!!!!!!!!

WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR HER! She is a really great person!


We had a Service Project in house of a member and it was super fun!Ā We sanded down all the walls! We were covered in wall dust! We then ate locro….. it is meat that still has the hair on it….. And yes I ATE IT! and it wasn’t that bad! Just the though is gross and the hair part but it wasn’t bad….

Sunday our investigator went to church and we did lots of contacting in the rain! WOOOOHOOOOOOO šŸ™‚ Also in the train station IĀ saw the uncle of my converts Sebastion and Aylen Gonzalez and IĀ talked with him for a bit and he sent a voice recording of me to the family! (they are now living in the other mission…. šŸ˜¦ ) But that was cool IĀ got to see him and talk with him! I had to chase him down in the station because IĀ saw him as he was walking and he didn’t hear me when IĀ called! But that was a cool little miracle! šŸ™‚

This is just a little bit of the week IĀ had! I love hearing from you guys and thank you for all the love and support it means a lot! You all are so AWESOME! Have a great week!


Hermana Ostler

We set the kitchen on Fire! July 6, 2015




Well this week we had transfers and they sent me to another area. Thats right i left Monte Grande and the Hermana Rojas and now i am in Banfield! With………..drum roll please…… HERMANA HOY! oh wait ……. more drum rolling…… and the HERMANA CHAQUE! Thats right I am going to have two companions! haha Well here is how it goes- My real companion is Hermana Hoy from Canada and hermana Chaque is our companion for a week because she is leaving to serve her mission in mexico but she has been serving her in argentina for 4 months waiting for her visa! But thats whats going down over here. In my zone lives the President and his wife and his asistants are in my district……. ahh
Well this was my last week in Monte Grande and it went by so fast!
So this last week we did a suprise exchange of compaions with the whole zone and it was SOOOOOO AWESOME! Everyone brought there clothes and things without knowing anything and then we announced there new companion for the day. It went so well. The next day in the reuinon we each shared something we learned about theother and it was a really great experience. We were able to draw closer as a Zone and learn more about other great missionaries! -HUGE SUCESS!
Milagro- This Sunday Fernando an investigator came to church and more than that his dad brought him. The father who said he would never step foot in a church! how crazy is that! Fernando wants to be baptized and we are so happy and excited for him!
So about a week ago I gave a talk in church about being a true disciple of Christ! This is something that we all promised to do when we were baptized! Is to take upon us the name of Christ! This means we are willing to love all of Gods children and serve them with all our heart!

Making the covenant to be a disciple of Christ is the beginning of a lifelong process, and the path is not always easy. As we repent of our sins and strive to do what He would have us do and serve our fellowmen as He would serve them, we will inevitably become more like Him. Becoming like Him and being one with Him is the ultimate goal and objectiveā€”and essentially the very definition of true discipleship.
As the Savior asked His disciples when He visited the American continent, ā€œTherefore, what manner of men ought ye to be?ā€ And then, answering His own question, He said, ā€œVerily I say unto you, even as I amā€ (3Ā Nephi 27:27).

I know that these things are true! To truly become a disciple of Christ and to become like Him It is a lifelong process. it ist something that comes by one accion or decision. it begins with our decision to follow Him and then it becomes a daily and lifelong thing. Every accion and everything we do should reflect our love for our Savior and our desire to serve HIm. I hope that each day in each moment we can evaluate ourselves and strive to be better disciples of Chirst!
I will let you guys know how my new area is next week! Keep on trucking and trusting in the Lord!
Hermana Ostler

So Sorry! June 22, 2015


i didn’t write a letter today….. IĀ am so sorry!

Ā BUT I LOVE YOU ALL and IĀ hope you love the fotos!






love hermana ostler

HOLA FAMILY!!!! June 15, 2015

Its time to write you all already! Seriously the time flies by so fast!

Well lets start off with SHOUTOUTS!
1. Elder Ostler-I hope you had a fantabulous birthday and that you partied it up! Also IĀ want to wish you a happy 10 MONTHS! wooooohhoooooooo how fast time flies when you are serving a mission in Mexico no? YOU are AWESOME and I hope you know it!
Well today we had lunch with our Bishops wife and theyare such a fun and cute family. The mom is from Brazil and has a fun accent. THe kids speak english portugues and spanish! its so cute! They sang me songs in englsh and they acted out parts from pocohantus. But they are just really great! The bishops wife gave us a reference of her friend so we went and contacted her afterwards and we were able to find her and talk with her for a bit! We then had loads of lessons accompanied with members! It was awesome!
We had lunch with a young recent convert that got married about 9 months ago! She showed us all of her wedding fotos and they were PRECIOUS! hahahah it was a little bit TRUNKY for my companion since that will be the next step for her in August! šŸ˜‰ We then went to visit Hermana Susana that does a lot of fun and beautiful arts and crafts! She is teaching us some things! We had a great leccion with her and after se offered the prayer and it warmed my heart. She thanked the Lord for the two angels that He sent to bring her comfort and joy into her life. It was such a sweet and tender moment. We then visited a recent converted family and had dinner with them it WAS SOOOOOO GOOD! We ate a variety of delicious pizzas and shared some luaghs and moments.
We had a fun lesion with Adela and Sandra (relief society Pres) It went really good and she said she is going to go to church this next sunday! WOOOHOOOOO
the pictures explain it all but we had a super fun lunch with Irma. We cooked tacos šŸ™‚ YUMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY
Today we had lots of lessons and after one lesson we climbed trees to pick fruit from the tree. IT was an adventure! We also did lots of ALBS and went to a funeral showing of a sister in our ward that passed away. We went to support the family! THIS FAMILY FMAILIA TAU I LOVE SO MUCH!
We had lunch with the fun FAMILIA BROCIO. It was really windy today! We were teaching lots and then IĀ started with a fever…. yes IĀ am still a bit sick but the Hermana told me you have a fever you need to rest or it will get worse. So we tried to visit one more familiy and then we headed to the pensh a little early that night to take medicine and rest.
OH YEAH MIRACLE! our recent convert Eliana had a amazing experience with the SPIRIT! TheĀ youth filmed testimonies for a video that they are doing and Eliana told us that what she said wasn’t what she planned on saying but that it came out way good. She then recognized that it was the Holy Ghost giving her the words she needed. It was such an awesome experience to talk with her about this. To see the progress she is making amd how little by little she understanding more the beauty of the gospel and the hand of the Lord in her life. THIS WAS SUCH AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!
well today in the morning we studied and then we prepared food for the zone activity and clean the pensh.
for the activity we are going to have a ping pong tournament and play lots of games and yes of course SOCCER! we made a cake to celebrate the birthdays of the missionaries and the leaders and us have a suprise mas for the missionaries. We are going to have a Zone exchange. Every missionary is going to have a different companion for the rest of monday night and then tuesday morning. Then we will reunite everyone for the zone meeting and we are going to share what we learned from our new companion for the day. We are going to do this to invite more unity in the zone! No one knows minus us and the leaders! its going to be FUN! šŸ™‚
OMNI 1:26 Read this scripture this week and wanted to share it withyou all.
AndĀ now,Ā myĀ belovedĀ brethren,Ā IĀ wouldĀ thatĀ yeĀ shouldĀ comeĀ untoĀ Christ,Ā whoĀ isĀ theĀ HolyĀ OneĀ ofĀ Israel,Ā andĀ partakeĀ ofĀ hisĀ salvation,Ā andĀ theĀ powerĀ ofĀ hisĀ redemption.Yea,Ā comeĀ untoĀ him,Ā andĀ offerĀ yourĀ wholeĀ soulsĀ asĀ anĀ offeringĀ untoĀ him,Ā andĀ continueĀ inĀ fastingĀ andĀ praying,Ā andĀ endureĀ toĀ theĀ end;Ā andĀ asĀ theĀ LordĀ livethĀ yeĀ willĀ beĀ saved.
Ā I invite all of you to think about how you can offer more of yourself this week to the Lord. I promise you that you will see the Lords Hands more in your life and be much more happier.
I am so grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He gave all of HImself for us and to do the will of His Father. I am trying each day to give all of me to the Lord and His work. I know He lives and He loves us. This is His work!
I hope you all have a great week and know how much I LOVE YOU ALL!
con amor,
Hermana Ostler

HEY FAMLIA! June 8, 2015

wow another week has flown by so fast!

First off….
ELDER OSTLER-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! WOOHHOOOOOO you are now 19 you are so OLD! haha Ā Hope you have the best day ever and know that your sister loves you sooo much!
Well this week was just full of craziness! I wasn’t in my area most of the time!
Well today we had the ZONE CONFERENCE with PresidentĀ Thurgood and his wife! They are so cute! So because they are dividingĀ the mission and it isĀ positive Ā that for some missionaries it will be the last time to see PresidentĀ Thurgood and his wife we had a testimony meeting at the end and we all got to hug them! šŸ™‚ It was so sad! They are loved by everyone!
Hermana Rojas and I made a fruit salad and there was so much that we had to put it into a cleaning bucket… Ā but don’t worry it was clean! haha
But the conference was incredible and the spirit was really strong!
We then had Ward Council that evening and it went sooooo well! The bishopbric asked me to give a talk the 21 de junio…. Ā woohoo better start preparing šŸ™‚
IMG_5692 IMG_5693
Today we had a leadership council with PresidentĀ and all the sister training leaders and zone leaders. It was soooo good! IĀ got to see a lot of awesome friends from other areas!! I learned so much! This work is sooo GREAT!
After the meeting we took the train to CAƑUELAS to have exchanges! I stayed with the Hermana Alldredge! We arrived around 8. Went to the apartment and studied the language..
IMG_5713 IMG_5747 IMG_5708IMG_5736 IMG_5711IMG_5755
Ā We visited lots of fun families! We had lunch at a little restaurant HAMBURGERS AND FRIES! (my first time to have hamburgers in Arg!) It was fun! We then visited more people and guess what happened… the tire popped in the bike….. and we had an english class in the church to teach so we booked it! ItĀ made noises the whole way. SPHSHSHSLL SHSHSPSPLSLSLS hahaĀ Ā but we made it! Then turns out no one could make it so we ran to the bike shop to get it fixed! šŸ™‚ while we waited we did ALBS and IĀ took her to buy ice cream! šŸ™‚ we then booked it to the train station to finish the exchange!
Well we recieved a suprise call at 8:20 telling us that IĀ had to do paperwork (to stay in the country!) But we recieved the call and told us that we had to be in Burzaco at 9! SO we booked it and IĀ looked a mess! Ā But oh well my companion said don’t worry they aren’t going to take photos.Ā Ā Well turns out they needed fotos… wohooooo oh well! But hey IĀ got to see hermana Hernandez so that was fun! šŸ™‚
We then had a load of lessons in the night! šŸ™‚
Today we Ā had lunch with one of our investigators and then IĀ helped her daughter with English! We then had a few lessons and then went to the church to help with the Stake Relief Society Act.! It went really well! We then had a lesson with our other investigator that is so awesome! Micaela! It was so great and she wants to go to church she just needs to find a new job! We laughed so hard with her and her family! She is SUPER FUNNY!
So last night IĀ started to feel sick but IĀ thought no all is well! I woke up really sick and unable to breath really well! My throat was killing me! But we went to church and visited some people! MY throatĀ KILLED! i didn’t have medicine or cough drops with me and IĀ couldn’t talk! So after doing lots of ALBS and trying to contact some families we went home to drop off the bikes and gop contact in the plaza or so IĀ thought, but my companion forced me to rest! So IĀ took lots of medicine with vick vapor rub all over Ā and lots of hot honey and lemon…. IĀ am feeling lots better but IĀ am still coughing lots and IĀ can’t talk really well. But all is well! šŸ™‚
I AM FEELING LOADS BETTER! but my throat still hurts and IĀ don’t have my voice. but that’s ok! The work keeps moving forward and so will I! šŸ™‚
We had our District Activity today and we ate at a restaurant! It was delicious but IĀ am super full! but happy! šŸ™‚ HAPPY FULL
Just want all of you to know IĀ LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I hope you all have a lovely week and IĀ will talk to you more next Monday!
I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS GOSPEL IN MY LIFE! and all of you should be too! It truly is a blessing to have the gospel in our lives! Yesterday in the testimony meeting a cute little boy bore his testimony and said. ” I watched the Jose Smith video when Christ and God apperared unto Jose. I cried and knew that is was true and in this moment IĀ felt the impressiona n desire to share with all my dear loved ones.” HOW CUTE IS THAT? He recognizedĀ the truth and the blessing he had to have the truth in his life that he wanted to share with others! I hope that this week we can all have this ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and SHARE THE GOSPEL with our loved ones (neighbors, best firends, collegues..)
I know this gospel is true without a doubt and i love it with all my heart!
Hermana Hostler