“HELLO HELLO HELLLO HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO ill tell you about my day! ” October 19, 2015

Hellooooo Familia!

We had the best lesson ever with the President of the mission! Yeah thats right it was sooooo awesome! He is super cool and his wife even came with us!

Then that same night we went to have a quick FHE with the familia Ferreyra and the activity was to go buy lice supplies for my comp that night in the farmcy with them. (they took us in their car.)

Then that night i cleaned my comps hair out and found……. threeeeeeee BUGS! MOVING! that was sooommmmeeee night! hahahaha my comp said WOW you realyly know if your companion loves you if she is willing to pick out your lice for you! hahahahah and it is so true i love my companion!

We found a new investigator and can i just say SHE IS AMAZING! She looks exactly like my trainer from the mission! We will see her this week- so wish us luck!!!!!

Then we had LOTS of tramites!!!!! My comp had to get all of her paperwork renewed. So we did that and then we were going to have intercambios but the sisters also had lice……. so we had to postpone that intercambio! Wooooooo its a lice partay down here!
They all say i am going to benext but dont worry i am taking all the precuasions necessary. Por ejemplo wearing scarves on my head while cleaning all my comps hair and sheets and clothes…. jajajajaja I will not be overtaken by the lice! jajajaja

Then for three days i was really sick and in bed.

Saturday was great! We went to visit people with a returned missionary that is awesome- Luciano Paredes. And it just so happened that we started talking abut his companions and he mentioned Elder McLaws….. WAIT WHAT????? Yeah thats right he trained Elder Talbot Mclaws. SMALL WORLD RIGHT?????????????

Then that afternoon was total SPIRIT GUIDED! it was awesome! After our lesson with a member i felt really sick and was about to tell my comp that we needed to go home when i felt the spirit really strong that we need to go visit Hermana Colosimo. (alma 26:27) So we went and it was the perfect moment! She needed help and there was no one to help her and we just showed up! It was AWESOME! We were able to help here and that was awesome!

Then we went to do our clase de ingles with this one boy but he never showed up so we decided to clean the church really quick because it was super dirty and it was saturday night- SO WE DID IT!

Then on sunday-HAPPY ARGENTINE MOM DAY!!!!!!!!!! We went to church and i loved it!
Again i felt a really strong impression to go sit by another alone grandma. So after one of the talks i went and sat by her. It was right when we began to sing the intermediate song “famlilys can be together forever.” She bagen to cry so much! At the end she hugged and kissed me and thanked me so much for sitting with her. She said it made her day!

So these are pretty much the highlights of my week! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Strive to always follow the spirit! also do the challenge of the PONDERIZE A SCRIPTURE! its awesome!

Well i love you!

Hermana Ostler


HELLO!!!!! October 12, 2015


Wow how do I begin….
We had our Zone activity where one elder got released as misionary for illness. it was sad but he handles it really well. He was a really great missionary.
Well walking around and talking to people in the streets we found 6 sheep. Just randonly there jajaja. We had a really amazing lesson with our investigator that will be baptized in two weeks! It was such a powerful lesson and the bishops wife was with us! She is awesome! We then had correlation.
WE had  our interviews with Preesident and it was such a funny day! While we were waiting for our turn to talk to Presidente we quoted Napoleon Dynamite jana… the assistant Elder Andrew could really do the voice of the tykuando master! We were all dying of laughter. I then went to go have my interview in the interview Presidente told me I would be a good dairy cow milker- so guys i pretty much made up my mind now of what I am going to do after the mission!. He said that because he said even when they are sick they have to work and that is what i have been doing for the last 6 /7 months! We laughed a lot together. We then had intercambios with Ciudad Evota which is really far! I have to do this trip 12 times and each time its an hour and a half.
So I had intercambios with a sister who is new new and is going through a lot of hard times. She was wanting to go home. But today I was able to show really how Awesome the mission really is and I was able to make her laugh!
So speaking of that she had called pte. the day before to tell him she wanted to go home. So he called the next day to talk to  her and we had just happened to be starting our intercambios. so i was with her. when she finished the call with pte he said ” take care of Hermana Ostler because She is FUNNY and CRAZY!!!!!” jaja oh president.
oh yeah we were walking and I was sending a message, walking, and talking and just walked write into a puddle of water and just splatter myself with muddy water ahah we laughed a lot!
We had lunch with our bishop and his family! They cooked us a beautful meal! It was professional!!!!!
WE then had lesson with Walter and Mercedes came with us!
We then went and visited Natalia and it was in the perfect moment and it was what she needed. She said she was so happy and we were able to lift her spirits a lot! I LOVE SERVING AND SHARING THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!! IT MAKES ME HAPPY!
A dog peed on my comp….. jajaja
We cleaned a less active members house and it was gross! But it looked way better after. I then dyed her hair for her-Yeah that’s right First Time! PRO! jaja
Hermana Pititto (the bishops wife) cried today and told me how much she loved me like a daughter and that I had really made a difference in the ward! She cried expressing all this. She is a really quiet person! I love her so much! She has really taken care of me over the weeks and she is always watching out for me!
Well I have to go but iI love you all and I hope you have a GREAT week!
Hermana Ostler

HOLA!!! October 5, 2015

HOLA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Well yeah first off sorry for not writing a letter last week lets just say it was a SUPER crazy monday!
I know i say this EVERY week but this week FLEW BY soooooooo fast!
Well monday after the crazy p-day we got a message from Debora telling us that she would be unable to accompany us to our lesson with Walter.
So we made calls to all the members and woman that we could no one could accompany us to this appointment…… so we called our investigator Romina to accompany us and she went and did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But who would of thought…we took an investigator to teach an investigator jana!!! it was great! We then had a really great FHE with the sweet Familia Ferreyra and there son who isn’t a member came to listen and participated!!!!!!!!! 🙂 They then drove us home!
Tuesday we had an AWESOME district meeting! The elders in our district really helped us with some of the questions that our investigators had that we couldn’t answer! Oh yeah we also took a picture with an elders flag that literally covers the entire stage it was GINORMOUS! so we took fun pictures as a zone and then headed to our lunches. We had lots of lessons and had our meeting with our mission leader and the elders. We then visited mercedes and then I wasn’t feeling so good. We were about to go home but we decided we would go visit this one your girl who we had been feeling we needed to visit for a long time. It was a little far away, it was dark and I really didn’t feel good but we went anyways! We get to the door and she answers but says she is really not interested anymore in the church. My comp said thats ok and then nicely invited her to conference. She then began to cry and we asked what we could do for her. She then let us in and we shared a scripture with her and she opened up to us! She wants to go back to church and wants to change! We are going to help her! She is awesome!
Zone contactin Activity
Wednesday we had leadership coucil with the president and it went super good! I love meetings with the Presdient!!!!!!!! We then traveled to Aldobonzi to start intercambios! And…………… I HAD MY INTERCAMBIO WITH HERMANA HOY MY CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
IMG_0260 IMG_0261-1 IMG_8256
We were REUNITED!!!!!!! We totally suprised Mercedes, the next day we had lessons with Domingo, and Victoria a recent convert accompanied us! We then had lunch with Familia Ferreyra and lessons with Romina and then we took the bus to head back to Aldobonzi! IT WENT BY SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST!
So before taking the bus I told my comp Hermana Hoy that I  didn’t feel good and that I had a really bad headache…The whole bus ride my comp told me I was as red as a tomato.  When we got there I was pale white and I was freezong cold and had a high fever….. Hermana Hoy stayed with me as I layed in bed and and the other two sisters ran to buy my new medication from the doctor. I was in so much pain. An hour later the elders came and gave me a blessing. We then went to bed. Hermana Hoy and I shared the same little bed her on one said and I the other! jaja…. I felt better the next day and so we headed back to our area. But really I didn’t feel good so my comp went to do visits with an hermana and I stayed in the pensh with Debora ….we both slept the whole time!
Saturday was my comps birthday so i woke up super early and made her a sign, cleaned the house and then made her breakfast! We then went and picked up all the girls that were going to go to the conference with us. We watched the womans conference and then teh genereal conference! Our investigator Walter went to 2 sessions and loved it!!!!!!!!! wohhoooooooo. WE then went to mercedes that night to eat cake!
IMG_8286 IMG_8280 IMG_8275 IMG_8273IMG_8263
I LOVED THE CONFERENCE! I know that they are called messangers of God to preach His word and guide us in His ways! I am so grateful for the gospel and for our Prophet! I love you all and i hope you have a great week! I hope we can all start applying this councel into our lives! as one of the elders said!
I love you all have a great week!
Hermana Ostler

HOLA!!! September 21, 2015


How is everyone doing???
Well I have some sad news……. my companion Hermana Hoy got transferred……. She is gone….. WE BAWLED OUR EYES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we are best friends for life so we are going to see each other more!
BUT…… I recieved Hermana Root! She is super CUTE and DARLING! She is from the states and she goes home with me in January! How crazy is that???? jaja
Well it has been a quick week full of emotions!
Monday we cleaned the pensh and organized.
we had meetings and then we had intercambios with the sisters from Aldobonzi (where Hermana Hoy is now! So we will have intercambios together!!!!!!!!!) It was fun!
So I was in Aldobonzi today and wednesday! It was fun! We walked a lot and contacted people! Poor Hermana Fierro started to feel sick so she went to bed early but the next day she felt better!
 We were reunited and WE WERE SO HAPPY! We then did some visits before going to pick up Hermana Flake and Johnson that were going to stay with us for 2 day! (ps we also had the 2 hermanas from lanus!)
we had an activity to watch Meet the Mormons but it didn’t work….. but its ok lot of persons gave us references!
then…. WE FOUND OUT CHANGES AND WERE SAD! we sang our song we wrote and cleaned and packed.
We said goodbye to people and had lessons!
Sorry I didn’t write a lot this week was crazy! But I love you all!

HOLA, HOLA! September 14, 2015


well hello hello hello
 So monday we went bowling with the district! my companion and I won so the elders had to buy us a kilo of ice cream! YUMMY!!!!!!!!! We then had to stop by the house of Presidente and Hermana Thurgood gave us yummy roast beef soup. IT was so DELICIOUS!
Tuesday we had our zone meeting and in the morning the zone leaders and we got togther to make pancakes and frenchtoast for everyone! WE then started ourintercambios. I stayed in my areawith hermana Edgarfrom the USA. it was really fun and I was also able to make scripture cases for my companion for her year mark! they are pretty SWEET!
DSC07289DSC07299-1DSCF4266[1]-1 DSCF4265[1]
DSCF4236[1] DSCF4234[1]DSCF4349[1] DSCF4319[1]

HOLA FAMILIA! September 7, 2015

How is everyone doing? I hope all is fantabulous!
well first off PDAY
we went to the park in Lomas and it was so much fun! it was so funny we all took the bus all 24 of us and it was jam packed! When we all got off the bus it was like it never ending more kept getting off the bus and it was like a field trip bus! haha.. We then changed clothes, ate food (well they all ate food! jajaja) we made a huge HUGE peach pie because it was the birthday of a sister! We then went and played SOCCER! It was sooooooo much FUN! as always! 🙂 jajaja
WE then all ran to catch the bus!
DSCF4128[1] DSCF4129[1]
DSCF4109[1] DSCF4102[1]
I was sick all day……. not fun! Debora went on divisions with my companion and a sister stayed in the house with me. In the night Debora came up to say goodnight to me and I gave her one of my dresses because that day her calling had just gotten assigned and she needs clothes SHE WAS SO STOKED! I LOVE HER!
We had the Leadership Council! it went really well! I was not feeling good the whole time but I liked the meeting! A brother from one fo the wards came to explain to us how to use a fire exstinguisher (because thanks to our burning the kitchen experience the misión is putting these in every apartment which is awesome!) But anyways when the man was explaining it the man looked at my comp and I the whole time and he came close to us to explain everything and even said this is what you can use for example when you burn oil cooking…… wow that was a pretty specific example dont you think! haha  Our President was looking at us laughing!!!
Then it was lunch time and I at chicken and pumpkin! yum! Everyone was asking me why i was eating diffrerent… ummmmm.
Then after lunch in on part of the meeting president asked how we can implement what we discussed and how we could help the others in our zones to do it as well. One Elder said “Well I believe if we lead by exemple they will want to follow. For example look at Elder Brush here He is very muscular when we see how strong he is we go wow I want to be strong like him how does he do it. He then tells us it is by eating chicken so what are we going to want to do eat chicken!” Right after this comment the president looked right at me and said yeah hermana you are super strong thanks to all the chicken you are eating! I then flexed and it was super funny! I love our President and his wife they are so great! During the whole meeting Hermana Thurgood would sign language over to us asking how I was feeling and at the end of the meeting she gave us skirts to give to our convert! They are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IN the night we had our last meeting with our misión líder because he recieved a new calling and so we made another peach pie!
WE WALKED ALL DAY. 🎶TWO LITTLE BLONDE MISSIONARIES SANG AS THEY WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED! 🎶hahaha we are trying to find new investigators, clean the directorio, and contact people that are old investigators! We had some success! 🙂
We then had dinner that night and it was soooooo funny! The light in the house of the Hermana was dead and she was using lanps but it bothered her so she said she was going to run to the kiosko down the Street to buy a new light bulb. She then looked at the clock and said ok we still have plenty of time I will be right back! BUT her clock was an hour OFF! We thought oh no so when she left we changed the hour of the clock to the right hour but we did it wrong and changed it 2 hours more late. We didn’t realize until much later and we had to change it again! haha… that time my comp said “hermana your clock is wrong let me fix it. We also helped fix her light!  It was a super funny dinner!
We had lunch with the bishops wife and it went really well we shared a really awesome lesson about the atonement the spirit was so strong in this lesson-She cried!
WE then began intercambios and iI was with .,……..HERMANA FLAKE! Yes my old companion! THe blondies from Guierrez were reunited! It was super fun but then i got sick in the night so i rested! In the Morning we had an awesome day and contacted a lot of poeple! 🙂
DSCF4180[1] DSCF4179[1] DSCF4177[1]
WE finished intercambios and that night we cleaned the church! The whole night I cleaned out and organized the library that was a complete mess!!!!!!
WE had church LUNCH and AWESOME lesson with a new investigator that wants to be baptized it was our first lesson! HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then had a lesson with Mercedes and her sister! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my companion!!!!!!
HEy something i got out of one of my personal studies
1 Nefi chapters 8&9. It describes her the visión of the tree of life and it also describes four type of people.
  1. those who desired the fruit and started walking but got lost in the fog
  2. those who desired the fruit but got embarrassed for wht said the people in the building
  3. Those who desired the BIG AND SPACIOUS building
  4. Those who desired the fruit and strived to make it holding fast to the rod and MAKING IT!
Of these four groups 3 had good intentions to make it to the tree of life but only one group made it! THose who pushed through all the hard stuff to make it! THis we can relate to our own lives, sometimes we may have good intentions, ideas o goals but we dont push oursleves to the max or endure to the end and we never reach our potential! I hope we can all strive to be the fourth group
  • set good goals
  • do all we can to reach them
  • and keep growing and changing to be better!
I know this góspel is true and I know that our Salvador Jesucristo vive!
Have a great week!
Con Amor,
Hermana OSTLER

HOLA!! August 31, 2015

HOLA HOLA HOLA! !!!!!!!!

Well where do I begin
Lets start with PDAY!!!!!!!!
Today we went to LOMAS to go shopping with Mercedes(our convert) to find her new skirts we had no luck but we had fun! We then ran into a convert that is preparing for the mission and we hung out with them for a while, then our old bishop just happened to be in the neighborhood and went to McDonalds to eat. Dont worry I only ate a fruit shake without milk! But it was so fun to see them again! They are such a great family! We then in the night had a FHE with the Familia Ferreyra and Debora the young convert who is waiting for her mission papers!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! On the walk home I got really sharp pains in my stomach so we headed back to the pensh.
I was sick all day with stomach pain.
I was feeling better and we had ZONE CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I just say I LOVED IT! The spirit was so strong and I learned so much! This meeting lasts from 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon! It went by to fast I wondered where the time went!
We learned all about the Atonment of Jesus Christ! It was incredible! I am so grateful for the Atonement and for the role it plays in my life! I hope we can all this week study and apply more the Atonement in our lives!
Other things from the meeting day…
  • i had to lead the music and they had me sing the first notes or words of each song before we began singing…….. talk about embarassing! haha
  • everyone at lunch ate milanesa sadwiches and i ate chicken and white rice (STORY OF A DIET…..AND BEING SICK….) JAJA
  • President bought my medication for me! He is the best ever!
We then had our ward meetings in the night
We had a Family History Capacitacion because we are going to have an activity here for everyone to look for their ancestors! we are excited! We then ate lunch and went and did ALB´s in an unknown part of our area that was a secret to us! We didn’t know it was part of our area! It was super FUN and we talked to some nice people! I was not feeling to good but I didnt want to return back to the apartment again so we kept working and were able to visit some more people!
  • We visited A Familia paredes and the mother said that I was such a special missionary and that she said I lit up the place and she believed I would make a diffrence in the lives of her family that wasn’t members. So that was really cool especially because I was not feeling good-It made my night!
  • We also visited a grandma who was feeling really sad and we were able to lift her spirits!
I was sick all day BAD!
We had an activity in Lomas and I worked at the table. But we contacted people for some hours in the plazaz in Lomas with our whole zone! It was super fun!
Well I love you all dearly! sorry I couldn’t write more!

HEY! August 24, 2015


Well what a week!!!!!!!!
For starters!
Monday we went to a Feria here and it had food from all over the world! MEXICO, SWITZERLAND, RUSSIA, ITALIA! i felt like I was in Europe! I LOVED IT!
DSCF4009 DSCF4005 DSCF4004
Then we had intercambios and i headed to LANUS! it was really fun and we committed someone to baptism in the first lesson and they accepted!!!!!!!! 🙂 how cool is that! but let me tell you it was HOT! we are in winter and we are sweating! it is hot here!  We are all going to die in the real summer!!!!!!! haha
Some elders found me SOY MILK AND I WAS IN HEAVEN! seeing that I cant drink milk-Which as you all know I down like crazy! Some elders found me some and bought me 4 cartons! I cugged them all down in 4 days…. haha
Made my companion breakfast because she is the best!!!
Wednesday we had meetings all day…  that was a lot but they were all super good! We also made a bunch of awesome invitations and poster for the activity we are going to do! We are going to watch Meet the Mormons 🙂 we are sooo excited!
WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE WITH OUR CONVERT-MERCEDES! She was baptized the 1st of august and on the 20th of august she entered the temple for the very first time! SHE LOVED IT!
Such a cool experience! I know that the Temple is the HOUSE OF THE LORD! In it we can really feel the presence of Him and recieve peace and comfort! Mercedes could really recognize that in the temple and that was really neat to hear her testify! She then bore her testimony in church!!!!!!!!
On the way there the bus forgot to stop for our ward so we had to cram into the autos and we had five of us girls in the back! I LOVE THESE GIRLS WITH ALL MY HEART! (one is a convert for 1 year and is waiting for her mission call, another is the sister that is getting baptized in october and the other is a member that is super sweet! ) haha  DSCF4057DSCF4059
Nana- We made your famous peach pie like 5 times and everyone LOVES IT IT WAS A HUGE HIT!!!!!!!!!! >Thanks for sending the recipe! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! It was like i was sitting in your house with you making me peach pie! 🙂 YUUUUUMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!
We had an adventure friday night in the street! We have an extra matress in the apartment and one of our investigators needed one because part of her house caught on fire so we walked down the street to take her the mattress!  We carried it in the night a bunch of blocks to her house! It was super funny and we were dying of laughter! They were so happy and surprised!
We recieved a BUNCH OF LIAHONAS this week and it was like CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah and we saved a mans life literally this week! He got in an accident! he was riding his bike and a car hit him and drove on. We found him in the street trying to move his stuff and these was a bunch of blood dripping down his face! i will admit at first i was grossed out  but 5 seconds after i was totally fine! I went and knocked on a door to ask for a towel as my comp helped him walk over to rest on the side of the street we then applied pressure to his open cut skull!!!!!! yeah you could see the bone and we kept talking to him! someone called the police and ambulance and within 20 minutes he was takken to a hospital and we went on our way to lunch with bloood on our hands,,, yuck! haha but crazy experience!
well i am sorry i didnt finish today! i sent a lot of fotos!
we are now going shopping with our convert Mercedes to look for more skirts for her! SHE IS AMAZING!
Hermana Ostler

HELLO!!!!! August 17, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!

Shoutouts to some really special people!
  • Ellie Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 10 years old! WOHHHOOOOOOO I hope you had the best day ever! Wish I could be there with you but know I was thinking of you! I love you lots and cant wait to see you next year!
  • ELDER OSTLER- “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOURE HALFWAY THERE! WOAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” I cant believe it you have one year in the mission! You are just such an awesome missionary and such an example to so many! Keep rockin it!
  • Hermana CHINCHILLAS! She completed 6 meses in the mission! She is sooooo awesome! (Ella cumplió 6 meses en la mision! Es una capa! La amo tanto!!!!!! BESITOS HIJITA!)
Well this was an interesting week for me!
We had transfers! but I stayed with my companion! 🙂 WOHHOOOO we got lucky! well because it was transfers and we live in banfield our apartment is called HOTEL BANFIELD! 🙂 so when sisters need to tavel and stay close to banfield they live with us! so we had 6 more girls in the apartment for the weekend!!!! it was fun and crazy! haha we then took them all to the church to find their new companions. We then went to the Presidents house because their cook is a member in our ward and she cooked me food for the week (chicken for the diet…) Then we went home and then taught! We were in a trio because One hermana was going to train! 🙂
The hermana recieved her new companion from Chile and they left for their area! We had our district meeting and the ZONE is completely different! Half of them are the missionaries that were added from the other mission!
We did lots of ALB´S(open your mouth) and it was a success we found new people that had interest and put appointments with them for this week!
We went and ate lunch with Dulce and ex missionera they all ate normal food and I ate my chicken. I didnt feel very good so we stayed a little longer as I rested in my chair. I also talked with the doctor from the USA. He gave me medication to go buy. So we got up to leave and as we were saying goodbyes I almost passed out but they caught me and Dulce called a taxi and I drank some water.  We then went home and She let to look for the medication but couldn’t find it! I rested the rest of the day.
I woke up feeling better and we left to go to a hair appointment that my companion had (Hair shops are never ever opened on monday!) The woman who did my companions hair was also a reference from a member. We talked with her she did my comps hair. We then left and ate lunch during lunch we wrote her a letter and put it in the book of mormon for her. We went back and gave her the book! SHE LOVED IT! Her smile was soooooo big! 🙂
The member told us three days later that she was interested and that we needed to stop by again to see her! WOOOHHHOOOOOOOO we are so excited she is awesome!
We then went looking for my medicine in every pharmacy but couldn’t find it and right then hermana Thurgood calls to see how I am doing! She tells us to go back to the apartment and told us that they were going to find my medicine and bring it to me along with some food and powerade! 🙂
They came and President gave me a blessing! I felt a lot better! Also the Pensnioneros came and bought the things that we needed for the apartment! wohoooo! Good way to end the day- new stuff for the kitchen! that still doesnt have cupboards,,,,, haha but its coming along! WE ARE SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!
I was sick all day and stayed in bed….
I was feeling better. So we did our weekly planning and then we went to Lomas to to a zone activity where we contacted in this plaza all afternoon! It was way fun!
There was ever a market that had stands from all the different countries! It even had chocolate from Switz and it had that meat for Euros! YUMMMY!!!!!!! I felt like I was in europe for a minute! I then started to feel sick and got pain so we headed home and I rested!
We went to church and then visited mercedes our convert who was sick! I was not feeling good and so after we went home and i rested more…..I dont like being in the apartment or being sick!
Also side not the medicine I take morning and night is SUPER GROSS! We call it the cardboard juice! It is super yucky! jaja but what can you do!
I love the mission sooo much! Yeah it has been a hard week and i have been a little sick but i wouldnt want to be anywhere else! I know the Lord is my strength!
LOVE, Hermana Ostler


I am so sorry i havent been writing so well these few weeks. But this time I am going to write you all so much better.
Well last week for P-day we went bowling and it was a blast! we had so much fun!
We then had intercambios with Hermana Spruill from Idaho and the Hermana Llanquenow de chile 🙂 it was SUPER FUN! I stayed in my area and it was fun and we didnt get lost! woohhooooooo!
We have lots of return missionaries in our ward. There is one that always accompanies us. He served in Brazil and is about to get married! His name is Alan and he is soooo funny! He loves to talk in english! So one night we sent a text message asking him to accompany us to an appointment and he said that he could! So we responded and also put “YES YOU ARE THE BEST!” in english! the next day when we were walking he told us that when he first read it that he thought it said you are the BEAST! jhaha he is hilarious andis always willing to accompany us as well as all the other awesome return missionaries!
PS I JUST LOVE MY COMPANION! We get along so well and WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER for another transfer we are soooo happy! She is just the best and we feel like sisters! I LOVE IT!
Well we had a baptism last week which was AMAZING!
Her name is MERCEDES! She is just incredible and is progressing so much! She knows without a doubt that the gospel is true! She already talked to the bishop this sunday to get her reccomed to enter the temple! SHE IS TOOOOO AWESOME! Her family also went to the besptism and they now have interest so we will be starting to teachthem soon!
We gave her a book from her baptism and had people sign it from the ward we then filled it with fotos and things of the gospel and our letters. She sent us this message after in the night. She said ( I am going to try and translate…)
“Hello Sisters. I recently arrived to the house anxious to read my baptism book you guys made me and as i began to read it filled me with marvillous emotions (it made her happy and filled her with joy) I cant stop crying… every day that pases by i relize more and more that this is true! Thanks for being with me and helping me in this journey so marviloous and beautiful! With lots of love Mercedes!”
She is darling! Honestly we feel so blessed to know her! I love this gospel and I love the mission! It is so true when the scripture says How great will be our joy if we bring but one soul unto Christ! The gospel just fills me with joy! I love this gospel with all my heart!!!!
She also bore her testimony in relief Society and it was so sincere and so poweful! after all the members came up to us asking wow how did you find her she is incredible! WELL YEAH SHE IS SHE IS AWESOME! 🙂
Other random thing my companion and i are always running like literally running to everything! We are always so busy!
Sad thing our bishop Bishop Rodriguez moved! NOOOOOOOOOO he was the cooolest ever! We always had meetings with him that were so great and spiritual!
Oh no I have to go but hey I wrote a little more this week and next time it will get better and I will just keep improving!
Hermana Ostler