“HELLO HELLO HELLLO HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO ill tell you about my day! ” October 19, 2015

Hellooooo Familia!

We had the best lesson ever with the President of the mission! Yeah thats right it was sooooo awesome! He is super cool and his wife even came with us!

Then that same night we went to have a quick FHE with the familia Ferreyra and the activity was to go buy lice supplies for my comp that night in the farmcy with them. (they took us in their car.)

Then that night i cleaned my comps hair out and found……. threeeeeeee BUGS! MOVING! that was sooommmmeeee night! hahahaha my comp said WOW you realyly know if your companion loves you if she is willing to pick out your lice for you! hahahahah and it is so true i love my companion!

We found a new investigator and can i just say SHE IS AMAZING! She looks exactly like my trainer from the mission! We will see her this week- so wish us luck!!!!!

Then we had LOTS of tramites!!!!! My comp had to get all of her paperwork renewed. So we did that and then we were going to have intercambios but the sisters also had lice……. so we had to postpone that intercambio! Wooooooo its a lice partay down here!
They all say i am going to benext but dont worry i am taking all the precuasions necessary. Por ejemplo wearing scarves on my head while cleaning all my comps hair and sheets and clothes…. jajajajaja I will not be overtaken by the lice! jajajaja

Then for three days i was really sick and in bed.

Saturday was great! We went to visit people with a returned missionary that is awesome- Luciano Paredes. And it just so happened that we started talking abut his companions and he mentioned Elder McLaws….. WAIT WHAT????? Yeah thats right he trained Elder Talbot Mclaws. SMALL WORLD RIGHT?????????????

Then that afternoon was total SPIRIT GUIDED! it was awesome! After our lesson with a member i felt really sick and was about to tell my comp that we needed to go home when i felt the spirit really strong that we need to go visit Hermana Colosimo. (alma 26:27) So we went and it was the perfect moment! She needed help and there was no one to help her and we just showed up! It was AWESOME! We were able to help here and that was awesome!

Then we went to do our clase de ingles with this one boy but he never showed up so we decided to clean the church really quick because it was super dirty and it was saturday night- SO WE DID IT!

Then on sunday-HAPPY ARGENTINE MOM DAY!!!!!!!!!! We went to church and i loved it!
Again i felt a really strong impression to go sit by another alone grandma. So after one of the talks i went and sat by her. It was right when we began to sing the intermediate song “famlilys can be together forever.” She bagen to cry so much! At the end she hugged and kissed me and thanked me so much for sitting with her. She said it made her day!

So these are pretty much the highlights of my week! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Strive to always follow the spirit! also do the challenge of the PONDERIZE A SCRIPTURE! its awesome!

Well i love you!

Hermana Ostler


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