HOLA!!! October 5, 2015

HOLA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Well yeah first off sorry for not writing a letter last week lets just say it was a SUPER crazy monday!
I know i say this EVERY week but this week FLEW BY soooooooo fast!
Well monday after the crazy p-day we got a message from Debora telling us that she would be unable to accompany us to our lesson with Walter.
So we made calls to all the members and woman that we could no one could accompany us to this appointment…… so we called our investigator Romina to accompany us and she went and did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But who would of thought…we took an investigator to teach an investigator jana!!! it was great! We then had a really great FHE with the sweet Familia Ferreyra and there son who isn’t a member came to listen and participated!!!!!!!!! ūüôā They then drove us home!
Tuesday we had an AWESOME district meeting! The elders in our district really helped us with some of the questions that our investigators had that we couldn’t answer! Oh yeah we also took a picture with an elders flag that literally covers the entire stage it was GINORMOUS! so we took fun pictures as a zone and then headed to our lunches. We had lots of lessons and had our meeting with our mission leader and the elders. We then visited mercedes and then I¬†wasn’t feeling so good. We were about to go home but we decided we would go visit this one your girl who we had been feeling we needed to visit for a long time. It was a little far away, it was dark and I¬†really didn’t feel good but we went anyways! We get to the door and she answers but says she is really not interested anymore in the church. My comp said thats ok and then nicely invited her to conference. She then began to cry and we asked what we could do for her. She then let us in and we shared a scripture with her and she opened up to us! She wants to go back to church and wants to change! We are going to help her! She is awesome!
Zone contactin Activity
Wednesday we had leadership coucil with the president and it went super good! I love meetings with the Presdient!!!!!!!! We then traveled to Aldobonzi to start intercambios! And…………… I HAD MY INTERCAMBIO WITH HERMANA HOY MY CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
IMG_0260 IMG_0261-1 IMG_8256
We were REUNITED!!!!!!! We totally suprised Mercedes, the next day we had lessons with Domingo, and Victoria a recent convert accompanied us! We then had lunch with Familia Ferreyra and lessons with Romina and then we took the bus to head back to Aldobonzi! IT WENT BY SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST!
So before taking the bus I¬†told my comp Hermana Hoy that I ¬†didn’t feel good and that I¬†had a really bad headache…The whole bus ride my comp told me I¬†was as red as a tomato. ¬†When we got there I¬†was pale white and¬†I was freezong cold and had a high fever….. Hermana Hoy stayed with me as I¬†layed in bed and and the other two sisters ran to buy my new medication from the doctor. I was in so much pain. An hour later the elders came and gave me a blessing. We then went to bed. Hermana Hoy and I¬†shared the same little bed her on one said and I¬†the other! jaja…. I felt better the next day and so we headed back to our area. But really I¬†didn’t feel good so my comp went to do visits¬†with an hermana and I¬†stayed in the pensh with Debora ….we both slept the whole time!
Saturday was my comps birthday so i woke up super early and made her a sign, cleaned the house and then made her breakfast! We then went and picked up all the girls that were going to go to the conference with us. We watched the womans conference and then teh genereal conference! Our investigator Walter went to 2 sessions and loved it!!!!!!!!! wohhoooooooo. WE then went to mercedes that night to eat cake!
IMG_8286 IMG_8280 IMG_8275 IMG_8273IMG_8263
I LOVED THE CONFERENCE! I know that they are called messangers of God to preach His word and guide us in His ways! I am so grateful for the gospel and for our Prophet! I love you all and i hope you have a great week! I hope we can all start applying this councel into our lives! as one of the elders said!
I love you all have a great week!
Hermana Ostler

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