HELLO!!!!! October 12, 2015


Wow how do I begin….
We had our Zone activity where one elder got released as misionary for illness. it was sad but he handles it really well. He was a really great missionary.
Well walking around and talking to people in the streets we found 6 sheep. Just randonly there jajaja. We had a really amazing lesson with our investigator that will be baptized in two weeks! It was such a powerful lesson and the bishops wife was with us! She is awesome! We then had correlation.
WE had  our interviews with Preesident and it was such a funny day! While we were waiting for our turn to talk to Presidente we quoted Napoleon Dynamite jana… the assistant Elder Andrew could really do the voice of the tykuando master! We were all dying of laughter. I then went to go have my interview in the interview Presidente told me I would be a good dairy cow milker- so guys i pretty much made up my mind now of what I am going to do after the mission!. He said that because he said even when they are sick they have to work and that is what i have been doing for the last 6 /7 months! We laughed a lot together. We then had intercambios with Ciudad Evota which is really far! I have to do this trip 12 times and each time its an hour and a half.
So I had intercambios with a sister who is new new and is going through a lot of hard times. She was wanting to go home. But today I was able to show really how Awesome the mission really is and I was able to make her laugh!
So speaking of that she had called pte. the day before to tell him she wanted to go home. So he called the next day to talk to  her and we had just happened to be starting our intercambios. so i was with her. when she finished the call with pte he said ” take care of Hermana Ostler because She is FUNNY and CRAZY!!!!!” jaja oh president.
oh yeah we were walking and I was sending a message, walking, and talking and just walked write into a puddle of water and just splatter myself with muddy water ahah we laughed a lot!
We had lunch with our bishop and his family! They cooked us a beautful meal! It was professional!!!!!
WE then had lesson with Walter and Mercedes came with us!
We then went and visited Natalia and it was in the perfect moment and it was what she needed. She said she was so happy and we were able to lift her spirits a lot! I LOVE SERVING AND SHARING THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!! IT MAKES ME HAPPY!
A dog peed on my comp….. jajaja
We cleaned a less active members house and it was gross! But it looked way better after. I then dyed her hair for her-Yeah that’s right First Time! PRO! jaja
Hermana Pititto (the bishops wife) cried today and told me how much she loved me like a daughter and that I had really made a difference in the ward! She cried expressing all this. She is a really quiet person! I love her so much! She has really taken care of me over the weeks and she is always watching out for me!
Well I have to go but iI love you all and I hope you have a GREAT week!
Hermana Ostler

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