HOLA FAMILIA! September 7, 2015

How is everyone doing? I hope all is fantabulous!
well first off PDAY
we went to the park in Lomas and it was so much fun! it was so funny we all took the bus all 24 of us and it was jam packed! When we all got off the bus it was like it never ending more kept getting off the bus and it was like a field trip bus! haha.. We then changed clothes, ate food (well they all ate food! jajaja) we made a huge HUGE peach pie because it was the birthday of a sister! We then went and played SOCCER! It was sooooooo much FUN! as always! ūüôā jajaja
WE then all ran to catch the bus!
DSCF4128[1] DSCF4129[1]
DSCF4109[1] DSCF4102[1]
I was sick all day……. not fun! Debora went on divisions with my companion and a sister stayed in the house with me. In the night Debora came up to say goodnight to me and I gave her one of my dresses because that day her calling had just gotten assigned and she needs clothes SHE WAS SO STOKED! I LOVE HER!
We had the Leadership Council! it went really well! I was not feeling good the whole time but I liked the meeting! A brother from one fo the wards came to explain to us how to use a fire exstinguisher (because thanks to our burning the kitchen experience the misi√≥n is putting these in every apartment which is awesome!) But anyways when the man was explaining it the man looked at my comp and I¬†the whole time and he came close to us to explain everything and even said this is what you can use for example when you burn oil cooking…… wow that was a pretty specific example dont you think! haha ¬†Our President was looking at us laughing!!!
Then it was lunch time and I¬†at chicken and pumpkin! yum! Everyone was asking me why i was eating diffrerent… ummmmm.
Then after lunch in on part of the meeting president asked how we can implement what we discussed and how we could help the others in our zones to do it as well. One Elder said “Well I¬†believe if we lead by exemple they will want to follow. For example look at Elder Brush here He is very muscular when we see how strong he is we go wow I¬†want to be strong like him how does he do it. He then tells us it is by eating chicken so what are we going to want to do eat chicken!” Right after this comment the president looked right at me and said yeah hermana you are super strong thanks to all the chicken you are eating! I then flexed and it was super funny! I love our President and his wife they are so great! During the whole meeting Hermana Thurgood would sign language over to us asking how I¬†was feeling and at the end of the meeting she gave us skirts to give to our convert! They are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IN the night we had our last meeting with our misión líder because he recieved a new calling and so we made another peach pie!
WE WALKED ALL DAY. ūüé∂TWO LITTLE BLONDE MISSIONARIES SANG AS THEY WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED! ūüé∂hahaha we are trying to find new investigators, clean the directorio, and contact people that are old investigators! We had some success! ūüôā
We then had¬†dinner that night and it was soooooo funny! The light in the house of the Hermana was dead and she was using lanps but it bothered her so she said she was going to run to the kiosko down the Street to buy a new light bulb. She then looked at the clock and said ok we still have plenty of time I¬†will be right back! BUT her clock was an hour OFF! We thought oh no so when she left we changed the hour of the clock to the right hour but we did it wrong and changed it 2 hours more late. We didn’t realize until much later and we had to change it again! haha… that time my comp said “hermana your clock is wrong let me fix it. We also helped fix her light! ¬†It was a super funny dinner!
We had lunch with the bishops wife and it went really well we shared a really awesome lesson about the atonement the spirit was so strong in this lesson-She cried!
WE then began intercambios and iI was with .,……..HERMANA FLAKE! Yes my old companion! THe blondies from Guierrez were reunited! It was super fun but then i got sick in the night so i rested! In the Morning we had an awesome day and contacted a lot of poeple! ūüôā
DSCF4180[1] DSCF4179[1] DSCF4177[1]
WE finished intercambios and that night we cleaned the church! The whole night I cleaned out and organized the library that was a complete mess!!!!!!
WE had church LUNCH and AWESOME lesson with a new investigator that wants to be baptized it was our first lesson! HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then had a lesson with Mercedes and her sister! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my companion!!!!!!
HEy something i got out of one of my personal studies
1 Nefi chapters 8&9. It describes her the visión of the tree of life and it also describes four type of people.
  1. those who desired the fruit and started walking but got lost in the fog
  2. those who desired the fruit but got embarrassed for wht said the people in the building
  3. Those who desired the BIG AND SPACIOUS building
  4. Those who desired the fruit and strived to make it holding fast to the rod and MAKING IT!
Of these four groups 3 had good intentions to make it to the tree of life but only one group made it! THose who pushed through all the hard stuff to make it! THis we can relate to our own lives, sometimes we may have good intentions, ideas o goals but we dont push oursleves to the max or endure to the end and we never reach our potential! I hope we can all strive to be the fourth group
  • set good goals
  • do all we can to reach them
  • and keep growing and changing to be better!
I know this góspel is true and I know that our Salvador Jesucristo vive!
Have a great week!
Con Amor,
Hermana OSTLER

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