HOLA!! August 31, 2015

HOLA HOLA HOLA! !!!!!!!!

Well where do I begin
Lets start with PDAY!!!!!!!!
Today we went to LOMAS to go shopping with Mercedes(our convert) to find her new skirts we had no luck but we had fun! We then ran into a convert that is preparing for the mission and we hung out with them for a while, then our old bishop just happened to be in the neighborhood and went to McDonalds to eat. Dont worry I only ate a fruit shake without milk! But it was so fun to see them again! They are such a great family! We then in the night had a FHE with the Familia Ferreyra and Debora the young convert who is waiting for her mission papers!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! On the walk home I got really sharp pains in my stomach so we headed back to the pensh.
I was sick all day with stomach pain.
I was feeling better and we had ZONE CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I just say I LOVED IT! The spirit was so strong and I learned so much! This meeting lasts from 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon! It went by to fast I wondered where the time went!
We learned all about the Atonment of Jesus Christ! It was incredible! I am so grateful for the Atonement and for the role it plays in my life! I hope we can all this week study and apply more the Atonement in our lives!
Other things from the meeting day…
  • i had to lead the music and they had me sing the first notes or words of each song before we began singing…….. talk about embarassing! haha
  • everyone at lunch ate milanesa sadwiches and i ate chicken and white rice (STORY OF A DIET…..AND BEING SICK….) JAJA
  • President bought my medication for me! He is the best ever!
We then had our ward meetings in the night
We had a Family History Capacitacion because we are going to have an activity here for everyone to look for their ancestors! we are excited! We then ate lunch and went and did ALB´s in an unknown part of our area that was a secret to us! We didn’t know it was part of our area! It was super FUN and we talked to some nice people! I was not feeling to good but I didnt want to return back to the apartment again so we kept working and were able to visit some more people!
  • We visited A Familia paredes and the mother said that I was such a special missionary and that she said I lit up the place and she believed I would make a diffrence in the lives of her family that wasn’t members. So that was really cool especially because I was not feeling good-It made my night!
  • We also visited a grandma who was feeling really sad and we were able to lift her spirits!
I was sick all day BAD!
We had an activity in Lomas and I worked at the table. But we contacted people for some hours in the plazaz in Lomas with our whole zone! It was super fun!
Well I love you all dearly! sorry I couldn’t write more!

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