HEY! August 24, 2015


Well what a week!!!!!!!!
For starters!
Monday we went to a Feria here and it had food from all over the world! MEXICO, SWITZERLAND, RUSSIA, ITALIA! i felt like I was in Europe! I LOVED IT!
DSCF4009 DSCF4005 DSCF4004
Then we had intercambios and i headed to LANUS! it was really fun and we committed someone to baptism in the first lesson and they accepted!!!!!!!! 🙂 how cool is that! but let me tell you it was HOT! we are in winter and we are sweating! it is hot here!  We are all going to die in the real summer!!!!!!! haha
Some elders found me SOY MILK AND I WAS IN HEAVEN! seeing that I cant drink milk-Which as you all know I down like crazy! Some elders found me some and bought me 4 cartons! I cugged them all down in 4 days…. haha
Made my companion breakfast because she is the best!!!
Wednesday we had meetings all day…  that was a lot but they were all super good! We also made a bunch of awesome invitations and poster for the activity we are going to do! We are going to watch Meet the Mormons 🙂 we are sooo excited!
WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE WITH OUR CONVERT-MERCEDES! She was baptized the 1st of august and on the 20th of august she entered the temple for the very first time! SHE LOVED IT!
Such a cool experience! I know that the Temple is the HOUSE OF THE LORD! In it we can really feel the presence of Him and recieve peace and comfort! Mercedes could really recognize that in the temple and that was really neat to hear her testify! She then bore her testimony in church!!!!!!!!
On the way there the bus forgot to stop for our ward so we had to cram into the autos and we had five of us girls in the back! I LOVE THESE GIRLS WITH ALL MY HEART! (one is a convert for 1 year and is waiting for her mission call, another is the sister that is getting baptized in october and the other is a member that is super sweet! ) haha  DSCF4057DSCF4059
Nana- We made your famous peach pie like 5 times and everyone LOVES IT IT WAS A HUGE HIT!!!!!!!!!! >Thanks for sending the recipe! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! It was like i was sitting in your house with you making me peach pie! 🙂 YUUUUUMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!
We had an adventure friday night in the street! We have an extra matress in the apartment and one of our investigators needed one because part of her house caught on fire so we walked down the street to take her the mattress!  We carried it in the night a bunch of blocks to her house! It was super funny and we were dying of laughter! They were so happy and surprised!
We recieved a BUNCH OF LIAHONAS this week and it was like CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah and we saved a mans life literally this week! He got in an accident! he was riding his bike and a car hit him and drove on. We found him in the street trying to move his stuff and these was a bunch of blood dripping down his face! i will admit at first i was grossed out  but 5 seconds after i was totally fine! I went and knocked on a door to ask for a towel as my comp helped him walk over to rest on the side of the street we then applied pressure to his open cut skull!!!!!! yeah you could see the bone and we kept talking to him! someone called the police and ambulance and within 20 minutes he was takken to a hospital and we went on our way to lunch with bloood on our hands,,, yuck! haha but crazy experience!
well i am sorry i didnt finish today! i sent a lot of fotos!
we are now going shopping with our convert Mercedes to look for more skirts for her! SHE IS AMAZING!
Hermana Ostler

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