HELLO!!!!! August 17, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!

Shoutouts to some really special people!
  • Ellie Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 10 years old! WOHHHOOOOOOO I hope you had the best day ever! Wish I could be there with you but know I was thinking of you! I love you lots and cant wait to see you next year!
  • ELDER OSTLER- “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOURE HALFWAY THERE! WOAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” I cant believe it you have one year in the mission! You are just such an awesome missionary and such an example to so many! Keep rockin it!
  • Hermana CHINCHILLAS! She completed 6 meses in the mission! She is sooooo awesome! (Ella cumplió 6 meses en la mision! Es una capa! La amo tanto!!!!!! BESITOS HIJITA!)
Well this was an interesting week for me!
We had transfers! but I stayed with my companion! 🙂 WOHHOOOO we got lucky! well because it was transfers and we live in banfield our apartment is called HOTEL BANFIELD! 🙂 so when sisters need to tavel and stay close to banfield they live with us! so we had 6 more girls in the apartment for the weekend!!!! it was fun and crazy! haha we then took them all to the church to find their new companions. We then went to the Presidents house because their cook is a member in our ward and she cooked me food for the week (chicken for the diet…) Then we went home and then taught! We were in a trio because One hermana was going to train! 🙂
The hermana recieved her new companion from Chile and they left for their area! We had our district meeting and the ZONE is completely different! Half of them are the missionaries that were added from the other mission!
We did lots of ALB´S(open your mouth) and it was a success we found new people that had interest and put appointments with them for this week!
We went and ate lunch with Dulce and ex missionera they all ate normal food and I ate my chicken. I didnt feel very good so we stayed a little longer as I rested in my chair. I also talked with the doctor from the USA. He gave me medication to go buy. So we got up to leave and as we were saying goodbyes I almost passed out but they caught me and Dulce called a taxi and I drank some water.  We then went home and She let to look for the medication but couldn’t find it! I rested the rest of the day.
I woke up feeling better and we left to go to a hair appointment that my companion had (Hair shops are never ever opened on monday!) The woman who did my companions hair was also a reference from a member. We talked with her she did my comps hair. We then left and ate lunch during lunch we wrote her a letter and put it in the book of mormon for her. We went back and gave her the book! SHE LOVED IT! Her smile was soooooo big! 🙂
The member told us three days later that she was interested and that we needed to stop by again to see her! WOOOHHHOOOOOOOO we are so excited she is awesome!
We then went looking for my medicine in every pharmacy but couldn’t find it and right then hermana Thurgood calls to see how I am doing! She tells us to go back to the apartment and told us that they were going to find my medicine and bring it to me along with some food and powerade! 🙂
They came and President gave me a blessing! I felt a lot better! Also the Pensnioneros came and bought the things that we needed for the apartment! wohoooo! Good way to end the day- new stuff for the kitchen! that still doesnt have cupboards,,,,, haha but its coming along! WE ARE SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!
I was sick all day and stayed in bed….
I was feeling better. So we did our weekly planning and then we went to Lomas to to a zone activity where we contacted in this plaza all afternoon! It was way fun!
There was ever a market that had stands from all the different countries! It even had chocolate from Switz and it had that meat for Euros! YUMMMY!!!!!!! I felt like I was in europe for a minute! I then started to feel sick and got pain so we headed home and I rested!
We went to church and then visited mercedes our convert who was sick! I was not feeling good and so after we went home and i rested more…..I dont like being in the apartment or being sick!
Also side not the medicine I take morning and night is SUPER GROSS! We call it the cardboard juice! It is super yucky! jaja but what can you do!
I love the mission sooo much! Yeah it has been a hard week and i have been a little sick but i wouldnt want to be anywhere else! I know the Lord is my strength!
LOVE, Hermana Ostler

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