Hola Familia y amigos! July 20, 2015


How is everyone? I hope everyone had a great week! I sure did! I am super tired but super contenta! 🙂 wooooohhhooooo
Today we went to JUMBO this little shopping center in Adrogue and we walked around then we did our shopping and then we did ALB´s (contacting in the area of the sisters!) It was super fun but no one really wanted to talk. We did find some people to talk to and we found one who has a familiy and said that they would love to learn more and that they have lots of faith! We are so excited for the sisters to contact them! 🙂
Today we had our Reunion de Zona and it was super fun! We had teams the Lamanites and the Nephites! I was a Lamanite! 🙂 they were like football teams and we had to answer questions and play certain games! We really enjoyed it and learned a lot!
We then started exchanges! These are with the new sisters that are from the other mission but are now in our mission! We have never gone to their area so it was an adventure! We found it and it all worked out and then we started exchanges! I went to Cuidad Evita with the Hermana Muñoz from Spain and Hermana Hoy stayed in Banfield with Hermana Batista from Brazil! It was super fun and we had a lot of great experiences! I love getting to know the other hermanas. They are all so great and I always learn so much from them! 🙂
In the exchange we talked with a few people that really bashed the church and said a lot of things against the church! It was a really big Testimony builder! It helped me really realize that I know without a doubt that these things are true! I have no doubt in my mind! I love this gospel I dont understand everything but I know that it is true and that God loves His children (1 nefi 11:17)
We also had a lesson in the stairwell of an apartment building with 4 young teens! It was a really neat experience and just proves that you really can feel the Spirit in whatever place!
So like I said we did contacting close to the temple! That was so cool! Just being close to the temple is a linda experience!
Well this transfer has been full of running! My companion and iI are always running to get to places ALWAYS! haha We had to run about three blocks to catch a bus that passed us but we caught him at a stop light! haha 🙂
We then had correlacion and then we ran to take another bus to o eat with the financers-The Mitchells! They are SUPER AWESOME AND SUPER SWEET! We ate chicken grape salad and brownies and we talked in ENGLISH! that was so weird they asked me te offer the first prayer and it was super hard! jaja
(oh by the way mom you shoud add on facebook Jean Thurgood and Beth Mitchell-They posted fotos)DSCF2613[1]
We moved back into our apartment and it is so cute! It has light tourqiose walls and I love it! its so happy! We dont have a stove yet and the joke is that they are “punishing us” haha but no they are just looking to where they want to buy us a new one and they should be bringing it this week! But we also dont have hot water… haha so luckily they just bought us a microwave that day so we have been heating up our water in our microwave every night! haha it takes about an hour to heat up the water for my companion to shower and then another hour for me! BUT IT WORKS! The first night it was not that warm…. and i thought of the scripture in D&C 121:7 that sayd” and their afflictions would be for but a short moment” and that helped me!  but yeah it did remind me of the coast when I first started out showering with buckets….. good times! 🙂
DSCF2296[1] DSCF2294[1]
We did visits with a returned missionary that will be getting married soon! its super fun with him and he speaks a good bit of english but it is the best the way he says it! we are always cracking up laughing! But this is something I love here there are so many returned missionaries to accompany us! I LOVE IT!
OUR INVESTIGATOR IS GOING TO BAPTIZED THE 1st OF AUGUST! I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED SHE IS THE BEST! She told us that she has no doubt that this is the right decision! 🙂 :)))))) WOOOHHOOOOOOOO
I cant contain my JOY! She is such an amazing person and I am so happy for her!
This night we also visited a family with our mision lider and it was really great the only thing was that something got in my eye and it really hurt but we didnt know what it was and couldnt get it out and the whole lesson it had it covered with my hand like a pirate haha but it was an absolutely great lesson!
Was a busy busy busy day! We had a visit with Esteban and his dog that is huge did and underdog through my legs! He is huge!
We then had lunch with the sweet Hna Colosimo and then we cleaned the church had english class then we went to pick up our investigators for a FHE in the house of a member and then we went home and started heating up our water to shower! hahaha IT WAS A FUN GREAT DAY!
It was such a great day I always love going to church on Sunday it is such a special opportuniy that we have to partake of the sacrament and renew our covenants with the Lord!
Scriptures that we shared this week that really impacted me!
  • Mosiah 4:27 Sometimes we strive to be perfect and want to skip to the part where we are perfect but that is not the purpose of this life the purpose is to grow step by step STEP BY STEP for this same reason the Lord has given us the gospel and the Atonement to spply ion our lives and day by day PROGRESS AND BECOME!
  • Mosiah 24:13-15 I love this scripture because it doesnt say that he took away all their burdens it says that he made them lighter. How does He do this? by giving us the medios to sopport the hard times and burdens we have! THese medios are the principles of the gospel! We are so blessed as members to have these medios to apply in our lives to help lighten our burdens!
Well i have to stop here but next week i will share more of what i studied this week!
I LOVE YOU ALL and i hope you all have the best week every and try to stop and think of the Savior each day!
Hermana Ostler

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