I am so sorry i havent been writing so well these few weeks. But this time I am going to write you all so much better.
Well last week for P-day we went bowling and it was a blast! we had so much fun!
We then had intercambios with Hermana Spruill from Idaho and the Hermana Llanquenow de chile 🙂 it was SUPER FUN! I stayed in my area and it was fun and we didnt get lost! woohhooooooo!
We have lots of return missionaries in our ward. There is one that always accompanies us. He served in Brazil and is about to get married! His name is Alan and he is soooo funny! He loves to talk in english! So one night we sent a text message asking him to accompany us to an appointment and he said that he could! So we responded and also put “YES YOU ARE THE BEST!” in english! the next day when we were walking he told us that when he first read it that he thought it said you are the BEAST! jhaha he is hilarious andis always willing to accompany us as well as all the other awesome return missionaries!
PS I JUST LOVE MY COMPANION! We get along so well and WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER for another transfer we are soooo happy! She is just the best and we feel like sisters! I LOVE IT!
Well we had a baptism last week which was AMAZING!
Her name is MERCEDES! She is just incredible and is progressing so much! She knows without a doubt that the gospel is true! She already talked to the bishop this sunday to get her reccomed to enter the temple! SHE IS TOOOOO AWESOME! Her family also went to the besptism and they now have interest so we will be starting to teachthem soon!
We gave her a book from her baptism and had people sign it from the ward we then filled it with fotos and things of the gospel and our letters. She sent us this message after in the night. She said ( I am going to try and translate…)
“Hello Sisters. I recently arrived to the house anxious to read my baptism book you guys made me and as i began to read it filled me with marvillous emotions (it made her happy and filled her with joy) I cant stop crying… every day that pases by i relize more and more that this is true! Thanks for being with me and helping me in this journey so marviloous and beautiful! With lots of love Mercedes!”
She is darling! Honestly we feel so blessed to know her! I love this gospel and I love the mission! It is so true when the scripture says How great will be our joy if we bring but one soul unto Christ! The gospel just fills me with joy! I love this gospel with all my heart!!!!
She also bore her testimony in relief Society and it was so sincere and so poweful! after all the members came up to us asking wow how did you find her she is incredible! WELL YEAH SHE IS SHE IS AWESOME! 🙂
Other random thing my companion and i are always running like literally running to everything! We are always so busy!
Sad thing our bishop Bishop Rodriguez moved! NOOOOOOOOOO he was the cooolest ever! We always had meetings with him that were so great and spiritual!
Oh no I have to go but hey I wrote a little more this week and next time it will get better and I will just keep improving!
Hermana Ostler

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