HEY FAMLIA! June 8, 2015

wow another week has flown by so fast!

First off….
ELDER OSTLER-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! WOOHHOOOOOO you are now 19 you are so OLD! haha  Hope you have the best day ever and know that your sister loves you sooo much!
Well this week was just full of craziness! I wasn’t in my area most of the time!
Well today we had the ZONE CONFERENCE with President Thurgood and his wife! They are so cute! So because they are dividing the mission and it is positive  that for some missionaries it will be the last time to see President Thurgood and his wife we had a testimony meeting at the end and we all got to hug them! 🙂 It was so sad! They are loved by everyone!
Hermana Rojas and I made a fruit salad and there was so much that we had to put it into a cleaning bucket…  but don’t worry it was clean! haha
But the conference was incredible and the spirit was really strong!
We then had Ward Council that evening and it went sooooo well! The bishopbric asked me to give a talk the 21 de junio….  woohoo better start preparing 🙂
IMG_5692 IMG_5693
Today we had a leadership council with President and all the sister training leaders and zone leaders. It was soooo good! I got to see a lot of awesome friends from other areas!! I learned so much! This work is sooo GREAT!
After the meeting we took the train to CAÑUELAS to have exchanges! I stayed with the Hermana Alldredge! We arrived around 8. Went to the apartment and studied the language..
IMG_5713 IMG_5747 IMG_5708IMG_5736 IMG_5711IMG_5755
 We visited lots of fun families! We had lunch at a little restaurant HAMBURGERS AND FRIES! (my first time to have hamburgers in Arg!) It was fun! We then visited more people and guess what happened… the tire popped in the bike….. and we had an english class in the church to teach so we booked it! It made noises the whole way. SPHSHSHSLL SHSHSPSPLSLSLS haha  but we made it! Then turns out no one could make it so we ran to the bike shop to get it fixed! 🙂 while we waited we did ALBS and I took her to buy ice cream! 🙂 we then booked it to the train station to finish the exchange!
Well we recieved a suprise call at 8:20 telling us that I had to do paperwork (to stay in the country!) But we recieved the call and told us that we had to be in Burzaco at 9! SO we booked it and I looked a mess!  But oh well my companion said don’t worry they aren’t going to take photos.  Well turns out they needed fotos… wohooooo oh well! But hey I got to see hermana Hernandez so that was fun! 🙂
We then had a load of lessons in the night! 🙂
Today we  had lunch with one of our investigators and then I helped her daughter with English! We then had a few lessons and then went to the church to help with the Stake Relief Society Act.! It went really well! We then had a lesson with our other investigator that is so awesome! Micaela! It was so great and she wants to go to church she just needs to find a new job! We laughed so hard with her and her family! She is SUPER FUNNY!
So last night I started to feel sick but I thought no all is well! I woke up really sick and unable to breath really well! My throat was killing me! But we went to church and visited some people! MY throat KILLED! i didn’t have medicine or cough drops with me and I couldn’t talk! So after doing lots of ALBS and trying to contact some families we went home to drop off the bikes and gop contact in the plaza or so I thought, but my companion forced me to rest! So I took lots of medicine with vick vapor rub all over  and lots of hot honey and lemon…. I am feeling lots better but I am still coughing lots and I can’t talk really well. But all is well! 🙂
I AM FEELING LOADS BETTER! but my throat still hurts and I don’t have my voice. but that’s ok! The work keeps moving forward and so will I! 🙂
We had our District Activity today and we ate at a restaurant! It was delicious but I am super full! but happy! 🙂 HAPPY FULL
Just want all of you to know I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I hope you all have a lovely week and I will talk to you more next Monday!
I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS GOSPEL IN MY LIFE! and all of you should be too! It truly is a blessing to have the gospel in our lives! Yesterday in the testimony meeting a cute little boy bore his testimony and said. ” I watched the Jose Smith video when Christ and God apperared unto Jose. I cried and knew that is was true and in this moment I felt the impressiona n desire to share with all my dear loved ones.” HOW CUTE IS THAT? He recognized the truth and the blessing he had to have the truth in his life that he wanted to share with others! I hope that this week we can all have this ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and SHARE THE GOSPEL with our loved ones (neighbors, best firends, collegues..)
I know this gospel is true without a doubt and i love it with all my heart!
Hermana Hostler

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