First off Shout out to MY BEAUTIFUL MOM!!!!!! HAppy Birthday mami! I hope you have the best day ever! I LOVE MY MOM!
and also to ELDER OSTLER! WOOOOHHHOOOOOO this week he will complete 9 months! TOOOO FAST! the time is flying! Keep rocking it out there in MEXICO.
Lots of pictures of the people I will miss.
IMG_5610 IMG_5606IMG_5598 IMG_5602 IMG_5603IMG_5595IMG_5604

I left Gutierrez and am now in Monte Grande! con la Hermana Rojas! also from Mexico! The city (mission mexico city north). She seems SUPER SWEET! I am excited to work with her and get to know the wonderful hermanas here in our zone!
Well I am excited but also SUPER SAD! I miss my Hermana Chinchillas! She was probably my favorite companion so far! She taught me so much and I wish I could pass the whole mission with her but it doesn’t work that way.
IMG_5632 IMG_5452IMG_5631IMG_5297
Well like all other weeks it flew by SUPER FAST!
Martes we went to the hospital and everything came out clear! i am feeling loads better and ready to work even more! 🙂
So Friday is usually when they announce the changes for transfers. But this time they didn’t so everyone was stressing and worried about transfers. Saturday at 11 at night we found out the changes! I couldn’t sleep and just began to pack and clean pack and clean pack and clean and talk with my companion. She fell alseep and I continued packing and cleaning.
Oh but Saturday before this we went to the church with Familia Gonzalez to watch the cultural event for the Cordoba Temple! 🙂 it was so cool and RE ARGENTINA! 🙂 THEY LOVED IT!
Sunday we had the BEAUTIFUL DEDICATION of the temple in Cordoba. The stake center was set apart for the dedication. The spirit was truly there and the messages we so powerful! I am so grateful for the temple and for the blessings that come from the temple. We much take advantage to go to the temple more often! It was toooo amazing! (Papa I thought of you because Utchdorf dedicated the temple and when he spoke he reminded me of you! :))
Well after the dedication we visited loads of people! Especially our investigators! it was so hard to say goodbye to them! SO HARD! We then got home planned, packed cleaned showered packed cleaned cleaned and wrote letters!
IMG_5459 IMG_5499 IMG_5583 IMG_5587IMG_5592IMG_5615 IMG_5616
My bags were sooooo full and super heavy! To me it was a miracle to arrive safely! My arms are still sore… haha but we made it and I believe I will be here for quite some time! I am tired but I am ready to work! 🙂
So yes my companion is from mexico and is super sweet! So excited to get to know her! She has 3 more months left in the mission so she will finish the mission with me! We have bikes in our area but it is city. OH YEAH I AM STAYING IN BUENOS AIRES SUR!!!!!!! 🙂
Sorry my letter this week is so busy and not that cool but know I love you all and can’t wait to let you know how all goes! 🙂
Hermana Ostler

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