HOLAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! April 20, 2015


What a week!
Well P-DAY was fun last week. My companion and I went to Berazategui and we ate in a little shop-HOt DOGS and HAMBURGERS haha we then walked around looked in stores bought some supplies and then headed back to the train station!
My companion had to go to the bathroom so we went to the one at the station and man did it reak my comp almost threw up but she really had to go!  We also didn’t have paper so we had to ask the hot dog stand for napkins!  too funny!
 We then vistited Familia Gonzalez! the best ever! When we sang aylen (8 years old) she sings after us because she is still learning to read so we sing and then right after she repeats! I love it iits sooooo cute!
We then had a FHE with our manuel and his wife lucy! Our mission leader and his wife accompanied us! WOHOOOOO it went so well!
we had interviews with the president and all went well! I loved it! MY PRESIDENT ROCKS!!!!!!! He is just to great and I LOVE HIS WIFE! I am so blessed to have them!
We had a district meeting! so on the bus ride I drank a whole water bottle of water and when we arrived I had to go to the bathroom really bad and turns out that the only missionaries with keys to the church arrived last and really late! wohhhooooo! was I sooo happy and mad to see them at the same time!
We invited Ever our investigator to offer the pray kneeling and it was soooooooo powerful!
playing soccer with erica!
we contacted someone and were able to talk to her outside in the dark for about 40 minutes about the gospel! it was awesome!
we then ate dinner with the cutest family ever! and there sweet little boy tomas (my boyfriend ;)) he said the prayer and it was darling!
We had a lesson with manuel and it went so well! he too said a prayer kneeling with us and it was so sincere and honest! Saying how he really wants to be better! 🙂 my heart melted!!!!!!
 After lunch (with a hermana that lives far in our area.)
we were walking to the bus stop when we see a bus that looks exactly like the one we need to take from the side! (and it doesnt pass very often) SO WE BOOK IT! we stop the bus and get on and the man tells us that we are on the wrong bus but he keeps driving until the next stop. We are not familiar with the buses in her area so we decide it would be best to walk back to the original bus stop because we were not sure if the correct bus would stop there. so we walked back and waited and waited and in the time that we were waiting the wrong bus that we had taken had made all its stops and was returning. The bus driver passed us and saw that we had walked back to the other stop and that we were still waiting and he laughed so much! Finally the right bus passed by! But man was it funny.
Sorry my letter is short today I wanted to send lots of fotos! It has been a while since I have sent fotos!
I LOVE THIS GOSPEL WITH ALL MY HEART! It makes me so happy and it makes me even happier to see the difference it makes in the lives of others! I know that my Redeemer lives and that He loves each one of us!
Have a great week and I will see you next week! (.well write you.. hhaa)
Hermana Ostler

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