HOLA! April 13, 2015


Well let me tell you this week was FULL OF LAUGHS! my companion and i had many moments where we were laughing so hard we couldnt breathe and we were crying! jajajajaj so yes we had a lot of GOOFY and absolutely Hilarious MOMENTS! (and in some moments just to tired to distiguish what is really funny or not/ or not knowing why we think it is SOOO funny!) jajajaj

WOW what a week!
So this was a week of miracles!
We decided to take the morning to do some ALBS before lunch. We talked with basically everyone! AND I LOVED IT! I love talking to the people about the gospel! ITS THE BEST! We found a WHOLE BUNCH OF NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!!! 2 of which we have had a lesson and they want us to come back and already believe in joseph smith and the book of mormon just from the lesson and the Spirit that was there! 🙂 TOO AMAZING! They are really awesome.
One of our investigators come to church wit hus this week-ROMINA! 🙂 She told us friday that she would come with us. So Sunday morning we called her as we walked to her house, we woke her up… and she said ok i am getting up now and will get ready! and SHE DID! 🙂 AND SHE LOVED IT! 🙂 Next week her mom is going to come with us!!! WOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO it makes me so happy!
Manuel wants to be baptized!!!!! We have put the date for the 2 of May!!!!! WOOOHHHOOO
We did a really fun and funny scavenger hunt for our activity in the district meeting! It was super funny and they understood the importance of our lesson! 🙂
We as missionaries love activities!
Cool moment we were walking by a house and i saw an onlder woman. I felt we needed to talk to her. SO WE DID! Turns our her husband had just died a week ago and she was going through a hard time. She was a String Catholic and had a strong belief in the Virgen which she mentioned about every 3 minutes but we were able to comfort her and share the Plan of Salvation with her and she was very apreciative of that. She plans on sharing it with her kids! :]
I suprised my companion HERMANA CHINCHILLAS! She completed 2 months in the mission! WOHHHOOOO! She had no idea but we celebrated Sunday with the family Imbert! I made a sign and we had cake, candles and all!  It was so great!
Getting lost in Argentina and arriving at the doorsteps of the Presidents house…..
 So we had a meeting in Banfield this  week with all the trainers and new missionaries but I also had to do my PAPERWORK to be llegal in the morning. I was confused and went to Banfield and not adrogue…. haha so we first walked to the church and I thought that’s weird it’s all closed…. hmmmmm then my companion said maybe the offices are in the house of the President so we walked to the house and we were right in front and then I realized NOOOO its in adrogue how embarassing! So we booked it to the train station! We then called our district leader but he gave us badish directions and we walked the opposite direction for about 5 blocks and then we finally got it right and arrived safely]! PHHHEEWWW!  adventures after adventures and LOTS OF EXCERCISE AND LAUGHS!
Well it was a great week and it’s time to log off but know I love you all! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! I KNOW OUR SAVIOR LIVES!
con amor,
Hermana Ostler

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