Slipping into Adventures…… March 30, 2015

What a quick week! 🙂

This week we had INTERCAMBIOS! 🙂
For 24 hours I was companions with the lovely Hermana Villena de Peru! 🙂 She has 16 months in the mission! wooohooo! It was super fun and I learned a lot from her! it was also fun because she was companions with my trainer Hermana Hernandez.
That morning after studies we went top go help a family (Familia Rodriguez paint the roof of their patio. It was going well and we were painting away. We were painting on the table and on plastic chairs. When we were painting on the plastic chairs I went to step down and yeah….. the chair went one way and I went the other. I was able to balance myself out before falling BUT the paint went flying everywhere! hahahah all over one of my shirt that I let Hermana Villena use and all in my hair….  YEAH-MY HAIR WAS ORANGE AND HARD AS EVER! hahah it was bad…. I didn’t take pictures because we were panicing too much and laughing even more to have time to take fotos! haha but we got most of it out and after 5 days it is all out…creo… it was so funny we grabbed soap and headed staright to the kitchen sink and began a washing haha.. we then shared a message and ate. After we went to visit people. We visited some less active and they now want to start going back to church! 🙂 we are so happy about this!
In the night we finished intercambios and left to take the train but we took the wrong one by mistake and ended up in hudson not too far from our area.. but we had to wait for a bus for about an hour… in the night… so that was fun but I got to get to know my companion better and we talked about intercambios and what we learned! 🙂 And it just so happened that on the bus there was one of our Contacts and we were able to  talk for a bit with her! So that made it better! 🙂
Our investigator Manuel is progressing so much! He talks about baptism every time we visit and he really wants to! He is still prepping but he is progressing SO MUCH! He came to church by himself this Sunday! All dressed up in his shirt and tie! 🙂 He is this cute grandpa! his wife Lucy couldn’t come that day! TOO CUTE! they are super nice and really are learning and gaining a testimony and that makes me SO HAPPY!
We had an awesome FHE with Familia Gonzalez! It is so awesome to be with them! There is such a spirit in their home and they are continually progressing! AND Celeste wants to get married so she can be baptized! WE ARE SO CLOSE! 🙂
Sunday we did contacting with MAGALI! This awesome member who we LOVE DEARLY! She and her family are just the best and always willing to help us!
So today we had our disitrict meeting because tomorrow Martes nothing will be open not even buses or trains so WE GET TO WALK MORE! it will take about an hour or two to arrive to our appointments! Can’t wait to let you know how it goes next week!
 IMG_4897 IMG_4903
Sorry i didn’t write that much and I didn’t have time to share my spiritual thought… 😦 but we had to travel to another city to use the internet so it sut into our time!
BUT KNOW I LOVE YOU ALL! you are always in my prayers!
con amor,
Hermana Ostler

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