Hola!!!!!!! April 6, 2015


Sorry I had loads of paperwork to do in the computer so it took up the majority of my time but I will try to type as much as I can!
Well let me first just say that conference was just BEAUTIFUL! It passed by too fast for me but I absolutely loved it! The talks were so inspired and moving! I hope you all were able to watch and feel of the powerful moving spirit that was there!
One of our beautiful less active members went and it made me so happy! She made such an effort to make it and SHE DID IT! wohhhooooo. I made some conference notebooks for people to take notes and I got carried away and made lots! I will send you the picture when I can!
He and his family took us to Park Pereira to have lunch! it is absolutely BEAUFIFUL and full of trees! It was a surprise we arrived at there house and they told us to hop in the car and that we were going for a trip! I loved every minute of our little lunch adventure to the Park!
I ate lots of mexican food this week!
TACOS and Quesadillas YUM! I love having a mexican companion! It is so good!
This day really applied to us when we got a message from our leaders telling all of us that we had to take out our money that day in order to pay for the house and all or we wouldnt be able to in time. We recieved this message rather late in the afternoon so we had to cancel our appointments and book it to berazategui! Field trip!
Tuesday there was no colectivos…. so we walked A LOT! and it was fun! But let me tell you it was a LOT! We couldn’t really tell until at the end of the day we sat down for an appointment and at the end we couldn’t get up we literally struggled haha.. gotta love it!
We are finding new people and have lots of investigatores! We are super happy and all is going really well!!!!!
Sorry I can’t write more but know I love you all.
Keep striving to reach THAT LIGHT like the Hermano was sharing in conference
Hermana Ostler
ps. funny experience. We went to take the bus and there just happened to be practically no one so we sat down at the back of the bus. A kid about two seats in front of us attempted to spit out of the bus that right in this moment the bus began to move and the wind took the spit and it just so happened to re-enter and land right on me WOOOHHOOOO! hahahaha just a laugh for the week!

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