IT´S A GIRL! hahaha I am training! March 2, 2015

Well now you all know I am training. Mi hija se llama Hermana CHINCHILLAS!!!!!!!! de Mexico! (that´s right Taylor your country! haha) She is 20 years old and is just awesome! We get along soooooo well!  I LOVE HER!!!!!!!


Well as you all know I said goodbye to my lovely companion Hermana Flake! I miss her! We will always be friends and we look forward to studying together after the mission! I persuaded her to go to BYU! 🙂
I got to be companions with my MTC companion Hermana Webb for 2 days and it was so weird being back together! 🙂 ha
But we had fun!
Well Tuesday I picked up my new companion (mi hija) and we headed to Gutierrez with all her luggage and with other elders and their luggage. Haha it was an adventure. We took the first train and crammed ourselves in! There was not room to breath or move… hahahaha we then got off and waited for the next train. We found out that our next train was oly going to Claypole which isnt even close to where we needed to be.  But we took it with the elders and then from there we waited to take a taxi.. we finally got a taxi and arrived at the appartment a las 9:30 en the night!  and we had left at 4!!!! haha wooohhhooooo. ADVENTURES! I LOVE THEM! but we had the opportunity to make lots of friends in the train and taxi! 🙂
The Familia Gonzalez (our converts) are progressing so much! they are reading the scriptures they began to read the BOM from the beginning and are doign there FHE we have one with them tonight! I can’t explain to you all how happy it makes me feel to see them progress in the gospel! 🙂 I LOVE THIS WORKand GOSPEL!!!!!
I want to share something we shared with an investigator this week!
2 Nefí 4:18-24

18 am encompassed about, because of the temptationsand the sins which do so easily beset me.

 19 And when desire to rejoice, my heart groanethbecause of my sins; nevertheless, know in whom havetrusted.

 20 My God hath been my supporthe hath led methrough mine afflictions in the wilderness; and he hathpreserved me upon the waters of the great deep.

 21 He hath filled me with his loveeven unto theconsuming of my flesh.

 22 He hath confounded mine enemiesunto the causing ofthem to quake before me.

 23 Behold, he hath heard my cry by day, and he hathgiven me knowledge by visions in the night-time.

 24 And by day have waxed bold in mighty prayer beforehim; yea, my voice have sent up on high; and angelscame down and ministered unto me.

Nefí knew in whom he trusted. DO we? who do we put our trust in?

When we put Him first he will make us capacity to overcome our weaknesses and push through our trials. We must put our trust in the lord. He is our strength and support.   I know this to be true and I hope that we can all put out trust in the Lord.

I challenge you all this week to evaluate and question yourselves. Look to see where your faith and trust are in respect to our Savior Jesus Christ! Pray to Him fervently, plead for help and make a promise to put him FIRST in your life!

<I love you all and miss you all dearly! But I know we will see each other soon! The mission is going by so fast! ahhhh! I can’t believe it! I LOVE THIS WORK! I LOVE THIS GOsPEL! and I LOVE MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

con amor,

Hermana Ostler


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