HOLA A TODOS!!! February 9, 2015

WOW ok I am so sorry but this week I really don’t have a lot of time. Our activity de zona ran late and we are rushing to read and write so so sorry! It’s a pity because I had such a fab and packed full week!

Next week my P-day will be the 18th de febrero because there will be holidays Monday and Tuesday! So I won’t be on till then next week! Still look forward to hearing from all of you!
Happy Birthday NANA! (feb 11th) I love you soooo much! Have a fantabulous day!
We had our district activity and we played Soccer and Basketball! It was soooooo hot!!!!! We were all soaked in sweat! But we didn’t care we were content to run around and play! Especially SOCCER! 🙂
We are teaching a new family called Familia Lopez! They are great but we are more regularly teaching the mother DORA! She is great! We are so happy we found them! They are awesome and our lessons with them are so great! The mother has a baptismal fecha por 1 de marzo and she tells that she feels really good when we pass by and teach. She said if she didn’t she wouldn’t have opened the door for us the second time! 🙂
We taught our sweet Familia Gonzalez who’s two kids were going to be baptized this Sunday! The lesson went great and they are so excited to be baptized! 🙂
I love to see the TEMPLE. I am going there… TODAY! I cannot explain how beautiful was this day for me! I love the temple and know without a doubt that it is the house of the Lord. There is just a spirit there that is incredible. We did the session in Castellano and it was such a neat expereince! 🙂 I will write more about the experience next week.  Today I only have time to do a brief overview of the week! We then went and ate at McDonalds and let’s just say it was interesting… haha a fly died on my tray and yeah…
MY COMPANION AND I HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!!! WE were sooo excited and it went so well! I was filled with so much LOVE AND JOY! It was so incredible to see these two adorable and innocent kids be baptized! It was such a  beautiful experience and the Spirit was sooo strong! I am so grateful for this gospel in my life! 🙂 It was so Incredible!
I don’t have any more time but know that I love you all and that I will explain more next week! It is a shame because I really want to tell you about the temple and baptism but next week for sure! Dont forget that my next p-day will be the 18th!
Hermana ostler

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