ANOTHER WEEK in ARGENTINA-mi amor! January 26, 2015


Perdon I have less and less time to write but I am LOVING IT HERE! I had so many amazing experiences this week.
We had intercambios Tuesday/Wednesday and I went with the Hermana Villareal from Argentina to her area in Quilmes. We had a lot of fun and I met a lot of great people in her area that they are working with. She is awesome and SUPER SWEET!  her name literally means”REAL GHETTO” haha but she is awesome!
 IMG_4559 IMG_4594 IMG_4606 IMG_4613
We had a lesson with two of our investogators Lucy & Manuel and it went so well. I was teaching the lesson and in the lesson He turned to me and thanked me because he said he finally understood why he needed to be baptized and the importnace of it. I was also able to help him with his other doubts. It was so cool! I know it was all through the spirit that that happened. After the lesson my companion thanked me because she said that they have been teaching him for months and they could never help him understand or resolve his doubts but that I did in one lesson. I know that through the Spirit we are able to help the people and that we are just the instruments in the Lord’s hands. I am just thankful that the Lord trusted me to be the mouthpiece that helped this man.
other FUN STORY!
so we went to contect an ALB we had made in the other week. She wasnt home but her family that lives a lado de ella was. They were outside and we began talking with them and then we brought up soccer and foosball. They had a fooball outside (it’s called metegol here) he wanted us to play him so we challenged him and  we told him if we won we would get to teach them. The first game we lost but we played a second game and won so we shared a short message and put a date to visit them again and then we played his daughters to fix the tie and we won! 🙂 it was a fun way to meet new people and we are so excited to teach them this week!
Other news:
WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY! 2-Sebastian and Aylen Gonzalez
We are so excited for them and they are really excited! They have 8 and 10 years! 🙂 the mother wants to be baptized and is ready we are just waiting for them to get married first her and her husband! 🙂
LIFE is SO GREAT! I love the mission! I love the people here!I Love my comapanion! I love this Gospel! I just love it all!!!!!
Hermana Ostler


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