Hola! December 22, 2014

Esta semana voló no? This week flew by so fast! I can’t believe it!

I don’t have much time so I will write about the highlights of the week! 🙂
Martes- Zone meeting! It was so great! Learned a lot and was uplifted as always! We reflected on  our goals for this season of Navidad. What I loved is although we were making goals for ourselves they all had to do with helping others! That is what this season and this gospel is all about! Fortifying and building others up through service! We are all in this together! (High School Musical!) haha But it is true! We should be striving to help our fellow brothers!
Miercoles- We went to familia duarte’s home in the morning! They live far away so we take a taxi to visit them. Anyways we went early so that I could help the  teenagers with their english! We did that and then we ate lunch! Oh this is a funny story I must tell! So they always cook A LOT of food for us! They give us so much in the first serving! I was so stuffed I had to take off my belt to breathe! haha But it was sooooo good as always!  But just funny things that happen on the mission and when you eat lots of yummy, fatty food! 🙂
As we were leaving we saw a storm coming and by the time the taxi dropped up off at the church it had almost arrived we were soaked! it was quite the adventure! 🙂
Jueves- Today my companion, “mi abuela de Mar de Ajo-hna Gerez”, y yo cleaned the church! It was fun and much needed! It felt great to clean the church! And we were so grateful for the service of the sweet hna! 🙂
Viernes-Today we gave service to an older couple (candi y benjamin) who can’t walk very far from their house! We cleaned up their house and went to do their shoppings. They are so sweet! At times it is really hard to understand them but they truly have sweet hearts! The wife is a member and loves the gospel. Her husband is not a member but he is really funny and respects our messages! It is so funny every time we visit. He always says “Shall we pray o Shall we sing” He is funny! 🙂
Cool experience: We were biking over to visit an investigator to see if she was home and for some reason I took the wrong route but to me it felt right. We ended up passing by Juan pàblo who is a recent convert and brother to Benjamin(the husband in the story above) For his job he has a little stand of candies and handmade bracelets! Though my companion and I don’t have much money we bought some things from him and you should have seen the smile on his face! He told us that he hasn’t been selling much lately and that it is hard! We were able to talk with him for a bit and lift his spirits! I know that the Lord was directing us to him! 🙂
OH MAN this day was a HOT ONE!!!!!! The SUN was soooo hot and the sand was so smooth and hot that we had to walk with our bikes! We were dying and sweating so much! Our skin was covered in sweat and sand! YUCK! But in the night the Storm came a strong one too! it is crazy how fast the weather changes here!
But in the night as we were entering our apartment the man that owns a bakery across the street told us to wait and brought us a bag full of pastries! YUM!!!!!!!!! My companion then stated! The Lord never forgets us and is blessing us! 🙂 haha
Sabado- We gave service to a investigator! She put on a party/service for families and children that have little! We helped prepare food and I painted faces the rest of the night! There were sooo many kids and the line seemed to get longer each time! It was funny too because one little chubster came up to me and said he wanted a bhjkdhfkjdhf and i said a what? a bhkdfhkf I heard bomba but he was saying batman! hahaha all the boys wanted batman or spiderman! But it was so fun! We were able to help! We then booked it over to see a young single mom in our ward who was showcasing her new clothes she had designed! It was a busy night but a GREAT ONE! 🙂
Well I am out of time but I want to share an experience I had just today! Today I was a little down but as I got dressed to head out, I grabbed my plaque and  as I put it.. one I was overwhelmed with joy and love for this work and for my savior! Everyday i have the privilege to be a representative of him and to share the message of his life and this great work! What a blessing!
I know he lives and that he is my savior!  I love him! 
con amor,
hermana ostler

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