Hola! Transfers…..saying Goodbye. December 1, 2014

So sorry but I only have 5ish minutes to write because right now I am in Dolores! with my new companion!

Ok let me explain! So we had cambios yesterday! 😦 It was so hard to say goodbye to my companion Hermana Hernandez! She is the best! She is now a sister training leader! 🙂 in the mission we have terms for trainers! So she is my “mom”! I said goodbye to her yesterday and we cried! It was so sad!


I was so nervous to meet my new companion! So we rode in the mission bus to pick up all the changing missionaries. They dropped me off in Dolores to stay with my companion and another sister who is waiting for her new companion that will come today in the bus that we will leave in! Off to Mar de Ajo! I am sooooo nervous! Only I will know the area but it’s ok I know that the Lord will help me and that this is just a part of the mission that will help me grow!
Now my new companion!


She is from Brazil and is also learning castellano but because it is very similar she can speak in perfectly basically!:) She has the same amount of time as me in the mission! 4 months!!!! 🙂 She is 28 years old and loves to talk! We get along really well! and SHE COOOKS!!!!! wohooooooo! I am going to learn how to cook rica food de Brazil! Anyways I have to go but know I love you all and hope all is well!

Dad hope you loved your b-day and that you enjoyed it! LOVE you allllll!!!!!!

Hermana Ostler


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