HOLA FAMILIA Y AMIGOS!! November 17, 2014


It is starting to get really hot here! yeah…. it does not feel like summer and when you guys send me pictures of you in sweaters and snow I think quit lying its SUMMER! but really it is November! WOW!
This week was great as always! I absolutely love it here! Seriously the people are the best! The people of Argentina and the missionaries! I am so happy I started here in the coast! They say it is the hardest area for missionary work but to me it is also the best area to work because you just fall in the love with the people, the area is beautiful, and you are isolated from the crazy city! 🙂
It was great! The picture of my companion and I with the two sweet ladies is from this day! We taught both of them that day and it was great! They are the sweetest! It is the best feeling in the world to teach people, to strengthen them in the goepel, and to help lift them up! We love them! Oh today we didn’t have a scheduled lunch so my companion taught me how to make pizza Argentine style so now I am a pro! haha  No but they are sooooo good! We love pizza! We also had ice cream which was DIVINE! Especially with this hot weather! I am telling ya! 🙂
We woke up got ready studied and cooked 4 pizzas for the trip. 2 for us and 2 for the elders in San Bernardo. We then headed to the chapel to wait for the bus. The bus came and we then pìcked up all the other missionaries from the coast and then headed to the city! wooooohhoooooooooo! The trip was so much fun! We played games and talked and just enjoyed the trip because it was long!!! We then arrived ate and then headed to where we would be staying.
The missionaries from the coast stayed in the city with two sisters. It was fun! The sisters that lived there dropped us off and then they headed out to work. We stayed showered and got everything ready for tomorrow because we would have to leave early to get to the chapel in time.
“Today`s the day. The sun is shining, an apostle is coming… AN APOSTLE IS COMING!” (finding nemo, with my own twist :)) We woke up got ready and then headed out! We took the bus and then the train! so fun! My first train in the city! 🙂 We then arrived! As soon as we stepped off the train I saw Hermana Tongi! We both screamed and ran to each other!
IT was sooo good to see her! Some of the first things we said were “I love it here but I am gaining so much weight!” and “how is your castellano!” and “I missed you soooo much” and “seriously I don’t know what I am going to do, the food here is soooo good!” hahahaha LOVE HER she is my absolute favorite! I then saw all of my other friends from the MTC and my loverly comp from the MTC as well!!!!!  I ran into Kate from my BYU ward-she is the sweetest!! So fun to see all of them! 🙂
Since we are from the coast we got to sit on the front row!!!!! HOLLA! (that’s for you kathe! ;)) We also had 100 missionaraies from the CCM in Argentina with us! There were a lot of missionaries! Then came Elder Nelson and his wife! WOW! Everyone got to shake their hands! it was such an amazing experience! When we all sang the Spirit was so strong! I was swept over with joy! I know this is the church of Jesus Christ. We are apart of His work! I have no doubt in my mind! The talks were amazing! Seriously absolutely amazing! I don’t have time to share all this week maybe next week but I will share a little of what Sister Nelson shared! She challenged us to do a 30 day challenge!  I extend this challenege to you all as well! It is this:
Each day for 30 days, kneel down with your scriptures and pray to your Heavenly Father. Thank him for the scriptures and for the blessing they are in your life. Then with a specific question in minds, ask the Lord your question (any question you have!) ask him to bless you with His spirit, then after your prayer open your scriptures anywhere and begin reading! She promised us we would find our answer! I promise you as well that you will! It has already happened for me this week! Do this every day for 30 days!
So that you don’t forget write it down. Make four columns. 1.the date 2. the question 3.where you read 4. what was the answer
I hope that makes sense what I wrote. I promise that it will happen have faith and make sure to sincerely pray! Also don’t forget to record it! 🙂
Anyways it was great and went by so fast! We then took a picture as a mission and then grabbed sack lunches. We then took a few photos and then off we went because all the missionaries from the coast had to leave early so we wouldn’t get home to late! We then slept all the way home!
WHAT A DAY! We were wiped out!
Was a great day and we had lots of lovely lessons! 🙂
The day of FOOD!
Today we ate in San Bernardo another area with President Gerez and his family! As always we ate asado! YUMMMMMMYYY! it is good! Here they eat every part of the animal! So today I tried and ate Cooked blood! yep! suprisingly enough it was good but they then told me what it was and let’s just say I got a little woozy! hahaha but it was good! I cannot tell a lie!  How crazy no?
The missionaries tell me that I havent tried anything yet there is so much more crazy things, like the heart! They say the heart is MUY RICO! Well we will have to wait and see… ghagaga
The elders had a baptism that night so we all went to the church afterwards to set up and fill the font, but no one had the keys to the font! We could not find them anywhere! My companion and I had to go because we had an appointment with our investigator Rocio! She is tooo sweet! It went really well and she truly has desires to know more! We then went back to the chapel to help the elders. They still couldn’t find the keys and the baptism was going to start in  30 minutes. (well they found the key from the girls bathroom to the font but not the key for the doors for everyone to see or for the door for the elder to go through! So they at least were able to fill the font! ) We tried the same keys over and over again and were thinking about asking permision to break the door! hahah but then a miracle happened and one of the keys that we had tried earlier worked! The poor elders had been trying to fix this problem from 2-7 pobres! We know that Satan was working on everyone but It went through and was lovely! I was asked to share a talk on the Holy Ghost! Yikes it actually went really well! It went great and then we headed home! 🙂
It was a lovely day! I got really sick! it was wierd! it started out as a headache and then I got really cold… like really cold and my stomach hurt. The mothers told me I had a fever…It was not fun! The sweet elders gave me a blessiong because I really didn’t feel good and I looked it! So after church we ate at Fam. Moreyras. I took medicine and she lent me her sweater. We then went home where I rested! I woke up feeling much better! We think it was becuase of the intense heat. yeah… but anyways after my rest I woke up ready to go to work. We had a great day and were able to talk to many people in the streets. One lady had the greatest time talking to us. She lives solo and is super sweet. She had lived and worked in the US for a little bit so she told me all about her adventures there. It was great!
Today we had the Zone Activity in Pinamar! It was way fun. We played soccer the whole time-of course! They called me Messita (little messi) hahaha it was way fun! We also played Latinas vs yankees. We lost but it was super close and they had more people! But it was a blast! 🙂 We then ate Morcillas! Delicious! MUY RICO! oh and I ate avocados! yummy! 🙂 We also played around the world ping pong! what a blast! Now we are back in our area about to go to one of our appointments !
Así que Hasta Luego por ahora!
Also please write me but also I would love to get letters! My address is on the blog!
Hermana Ostler

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