9 Weeks in the Mission…..Can’t believe it. November 10, 2014


This week was incredible! We didn’t have water from Saturday to Satuday (nov.1-nov.8). That was fun! haha
Well monday was a day….I think I told you already but we made it through and now laugh when looking back on it! Oh what I didn’t tell you is that we then went to visit one of our investigators-Maria. She had told us her husband was interested to hear us. So we went and it turned out that he just shared his opinions and beliefs the whole time. My companion and I couldn’t get a word in and could tell he wasn’t interested to hear anything only tell us. So we were sad because we won’t be able to visit Maria anymore right now!  I know that it just isn’t her time. I know that the Lord is preparing her and her family for another time with other missionaries.
Today was great and we were able to do lots of ALBs and teach lessons to the recent converts! 🙂 They are the best and sooooo sweet! 🙂 We also showered and Sweet Familia Olivera´s again! They are the best!
To be honest this day I was not looking forward to or to put it in better words was terrified for. Today was the day we had the zone meeting but also “intercambios”(can’t remember the word in english but ummm companion switches) I was so nervous because the sister training leader was going to stay with me in Mar de Ajo (my area) Hermana Hernandez stayed in Pinamar with the other STL. So only I knew the people, the streets, and the needs of the people here! I was terrified and was starting to doubt my abilities as the day drew closer and closer. The day finally came and thought I was going to die I was so scared! I prayed to my Heavenly Father asking for his spirit to be with me, to comfort and to guide me. The day went really well! I felt impressed to visit certain people and search for certain members. We talked to many people and recieved many references and contacts. We were also able to set up appointments! When the day was done and I was reflecting on my day and I realized that after I had prayed that the worry and stress I had left! I was able to do all that I doubted I could do. I was able to speak the language, understand, follow the spirit, get around the entire area- everything! I was reminded that we NEED NOT FEAR! When the Lord is on our side, there is no need to fear! God was able to work through me that day and it was incredible! Also later that week my companion and I visited those people that I had contacted with the STL. We ended up having 4 new investigators and 3 with baptismal dates. It is truly amazing! I learned a lot from this experience one being have not fear and another to never doubt! Always have faith and trust in the Lord. Sometimes we focus to much on our weaknesses or the things that we are lacking in, but if we turn to the lord and have a true sincere heart he will help us with whatever we need! I know this is true with all my heart! (ether 12:27)
It was a really great day and Hermana Rodas was great! I learned so much from her in that day! 🙂
sidenote: So there is a cute little store here-CASA FAVA! The only one in our area that sells peanut butter! it is kind of pricey but I bought one yum! I was able to eat PB&J´s and was able to share with Hna Rodas and Hna Hernandez! We were all in heaven! So needless to say it was definately worth it (Vale la pena!)
We woke up with no water so I packed a bag so I could shower when we arrived in Pinamar. hna rodas and I talked about how the “intercambios” went- she said I did really good and that I speak well! That made me feel a lot better! We then arrived in Pinamar and I was reunited with my companion! 🙂 I then showered! We then got news that the sweet sister missionary Hna Jimenez (companion de hna Rodas) was being sent home. Her 1st day in pinamar she had fallen off her bike and broke her foot. She will be going home but plans on returning to serve after she has recovered! So we helped her get her things together and plan. We then ate lunch and then Hna Hernandez and I came home to Mar de Ajo and went to work! 🙂
Today I showered with a lovely little bucket of cold water! 🙂 MY FAVE! 
Friday was amazing!
As I told you earlier that we have 4 new investigadors and 3 with baptismal dates! We taught those people this day! 🙂 it was great! also during our weekly planning/inventory my companion said something to me. She said one thing that will always stick with her is a phrase that I shared many times at the commencement of my mission which is “Por medio de Jesucristo todo es posible” (through Jesus Christ all is possible. She said that this simple phrase that I shared has really changed the way she has looked at her mission and her life in general. I realized that I need to apply this phrase more in my life. It is absolutely true. I think I just forgot that it doesn’t only apply to everyone else but also to me! It applies to all of us! Through Jesus Christ all is possible! We should not doubt, we should not fear, we should not shrink-BUT we should rise to the occasion, thank God for our trials and moments of learning, and act on the faith we have in our Savior! 
We taught lots of lessons! We are visiting one couple- the woman is a member and her boyfriend is not! But they are just the best! They have such a desire to serve God and be the best that they can be! They love our visits and always offer us something good to eat! We can always feel the Spirit so strong when we teach them! 🙂
Today was great as always! 🙂 We left early to go pick up a less active member Eva from her house to accompany her to church. She lives really far and is a much older woman! But she was ready when we arrived and walked the whole way! She is amazing and was such an example of faith! At church there was lots of people there! 🙂 It was great and lots of lovely testimonies were shared! None of the leaders were there so Elder Medina lead church that day. Elder Hanson lead the music. Elder Medina taught old testament and Elder Hanson taught Gospel principles they together then taught priesthood. Hermana Hernandez and I taught primary. 🙂 We then had lunch with Familia Moreyra! I love them soooooo much! They are the best and their food is always MUUUUUYYYY RICO!!!!!! 🙂 We then were headed to work but my companion felt really sick so we went home. I studied and cleaned up a bit! But mainly studied. I learned a lot! I love reading and studying the scriptures! I seriuosly look forward to it everyday! 🙂
Today was district activity! So we woke up and traveled to Santa Teresita! We cooked emapanadas! ham and cheese! They were so good!
We played a little bit of soccer and then watched planes 2 while we ate! ( in the coast we are allowed to watch disney movies on p-days que suerte no?) We then came home and bought our weekly groceries and now I am here emailing all of you lovelies! 🙂
OH GUESS WHAT!!!!! This week we are traveling to the capital to hear from an apostle- Elder Nelson!!!!!!! 🙂 i am so excited! :)))) i will let you all know how it goes! 
I am sorry I don’t have more time! I love you all and pray for you! I love hearing from you! it is so great to hear from you and thanks for all the support! Have a great week! Hasta luego! 
Con Amor,
hermana Ostler
Please remember to have not fear! Do not doubt! trust in Him and He will help you! I know He is there for you and loves you! Seek Him! 
ps. sorry there are not photos I forgot my plugger-inner thingy! 🙂

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