HOLA A TODOS! November 3, 2014

Well it is official I have 3 months in my mission! what? seriously? I know! 🙂

This week was just a crazy week! Sorry this letter is going to be a bit short because I am sending lots of photos this week! 🙂 but lets see where to begin…
lets start with monday night 🙂
After emailing, it began to pour and storm, so we couldn’t go to visit the sister we had planned to visit because she was too far and it was dangerous. So we decided to visit one of our contacts. He was home with his wife and we were able to teach him. He is now an investigator and we are going to teach him again this week! yeah!
We had our district meeting in Santa Teresita, so traveling by bus we went! 🙂 We then came home had lunch and then headed out to work. The weather was ugly and no one was out but us! 🙂 The weather was awful, we stopped by Norma’s to take shelter for a bit . The weather started to really storm to where we decided we needed to go home. Right as we were about to arrive at the house, the storm stopped and began to pass! thank goodness too because we had an appointment with a less active sister and her family that we had not visited in weeks! 🙂 We were able to visit her and it went really well. As we left, it began to storm again and even began to hail! Awesome! We were soaked! haha
Today the weather was again awful so no one was out and about and no one wanted to answer their door! but we were able to visit with 2 less active members! It went really well!
We did service at Candi y Benjamin`s house with the elders! We then went and had lunch at one of the member family`s house! Afterwards we both felt really sick- really really sick! We ended up being home the rest of the day. 😦
We woke up feeling much better! yeah! We went and did service with a young member in our ward. She has her own business and line of clothes that she is building. We helped her with that . After we went to work with Mailen! Love her and she is always a great help! We were unable to teach anyone but we were able to do lots of ALB’s!  We have a lot of people to visit the following week! So that’s great!
Today we had entrevistas! (interviews with the Pres.)
So we were getting ready to head out and realized something was wrong with my tire! So we had to speed walk to catch the bus which is pretty far from our apartment! hahah. We then had our interviews and ate PB&J`s yummmyyy! Miss them so much! We then had a district conference. It was just a jam packed day!
Sunday we also had district conference. So we left early to walk to the bus. We had the meeting which was great. After we waited for the bus, and it turns out we had to wait longer, about an hour out in the cold wind for the bus! yeah! 🙂 We then went and had lunch at a members house, then out to work we went! It was a lot harder walking everywhere! hahah but we managed! 🙂
OK TODAY WAS CRAZY. So today was supposed to be the district activity but they moved it because we wouldn’t be able to make it because…. Sunday we didn’t have water in our apartment but we figured that monday morning that there would be. Nope we were wrong there is no water throughout our entire building and it might not be fixed for a day or two!  We didn’t have water! We were in desperate need of a shower and just water in general! So we had our studies and then left to go fix my bike. While it was being fixed we bought our food. We then went home ate lunch and then walked to a members house to shower and obtain water for our appartment for later. We had these two really heavy just of water! So the members put it in this ginormous bag and my companion and I carried it together. Each with a strap on our shoulder! it was so heavy! We had to switch sides many times walking home! Oh man were we a sight!  haha love it! I then studied a bit and now we are emailing! craziness!
I just want to testify of how important it is to study the scriptures. It really is not that hard to read and study a little bit everyday. It really just depends on what we truly desire and are willing to do. I was reading a talk this morning from May General Conference and in the talk it talked about what are we tying ourselves to? Are we tying ourselves to God or to other things such as the internet, movies, social events. These things aren’t bad but if they are taking us away and distracting us from the things of God then they are. I have learned so much from studying the scriptures and have gained a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father. I am recognizing just how much He truly loves us and is guiding us. We must heed his words! I challenege all of you to make your personal and family study a more important priority in your life. I promise that you will begin to see the blessings in your life each day. You will feel your Savior`s individual love for you and will recieve personal guidance and revelation.
I love you all and miss you so much!
Keep writing me! also you can send me letters! send them to my mission home office address! 🙂
Love you all!
Con Amor.
Hermana Ostler
I love you all and miss you so much!
Keep writing me! also you can send me letters! send them to my mission home office address! 🙂
Love you all!
Con Amor.
Hermana Ostler

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