Another week gone by!!! October 27, 2014

Another week has flown by? it is crazy! Come THURSDAY I will have 3 months in my mission! CRAZINESS!

Today my companion was not feeling very well! Starting monday night, she started to have a surging pain in her chest and shoulder area! Let me tell you I was nervous, but we talked with the mission nurse and she assured us all would be fine. I had the opportunity to translate for my companion. 🙂 that was cool! So anyways she rested all monday night and then tuesday morning until our meeting with the branch presidency at 3. So I had lots of time to study! 🙂 I studied, cleaned up the kitchen washed some of my laundry, but mainly studied because I need all I can get! 🙂 We then had our meeting and then off we went to visit people…. or so we thought. My companion couldn’t find the keys! Turns out she had left them in the apartment door! So our bikes were locked together, so we had to walk to our apartment to find the keys.. which luckily we did and then run back to the church grab our bikes and head to work! 🙂 ADVENTURES ADVENTURES let me tell you!  We didn’t teach anyone but we were able to find where less active members live.
Today we had our district meeting which went really well. Hermana Hernandez and I gave a short lesson in it! We then took a taxi over to an area farther out in our mission to have lunch with Familia Duarte. It was good! 🙂 They are so sweet! I just love the people here! We then visited Hermana Lopez and helped her son with learning how to read and write. We then visited other people and to see our investigator but no one was home 😦 But we were able to contact one reference!
Today after studies we had an appointment with a family that lives realllllllllllyyyyyy far from our house and most people for that matter! We got there and no one was home 😦 so we hustled back into the main town area to visit other people. We were able to visit with Hermana Fereña and help her clean her house a bit. 🙂 We then had yummy pizza with Familia Barbosa and then off we went to go visit people. We were able to visit with another sister Hermana Sarno. It went really well. We are really excited to start teaching her and help her come back to church. This is our main mission here in the Coast and in our mission area in general. We are doing a pilot program of focusing on the less active members here. It has been great! We are working on bringing as many of them back to church and Christ as possible!
We had weekly planning. We then had lunch with Familia Olivera whom I love!!!! They are the best! The wife Hermana Silvia is not a member but she just loves us and is always willing to help us with whatever! We had lunch with her (pizzaaaa :)) and it was delicious and so great! We then had lessons with Hermana Lopez and Hermana Cuña. Both went really well! With Hermana Lopez I thought we could help her with her reading of the BOM so I proposed we invite her to read a chapter everyday and then the days we visit with her we can talk about what she read and what she learned and answer any questions she had. I exended this invitation to her on Wednesday and guess what she has been doing it! When we visited today she had read a little bit more than a chapter a day and had learned a lot! We were able to help here with her questions and everything BUT the best part is when we asked so how are you doing with your reading she responded! “es hermoso” (it is beautiful or wonderful). This is the response missionaries want to hear! That the people they teach are doing those things that Christ would have them do and are loving it! They are feeling the spirit and the difference it is making in their lives! So awesome! This is something about the mission that I just love- seeing the people turn more to God and open their hearts unto Him. We get to see a change and strengthing of faith! I love it!
Today we visited Candi and Benjamin, an older couple. Candi is a member but her husband is not. We were able to talk with them and help them with a few things! They are great and she is super sweet! For lunch we made pizza at home! 🙂 yum! We then went and visited another less active sister Hermana Eva. She is the sweetest! She shared with us this really sweet fruit that was soooo yummy! She said she will come to church with us the next week! yeah!!! We then did some contacting! After we visited Hermana Elena and she also agreed to come to church with us this sunday and she did! yeah! We then had family home evening with Familia Barbosa ( one of the sons of the main barbosa family – him and his wife and son). It went so great! I honestly love his wife!!! She is only a few years older than me! She is just the sweetest person ever!!! 🙂
DOMINGO!!!!!! 🙂 The church was pretty full today! How awesome is that! We had about 40 something attending which is really great for our branch and is such an improvement! We were so happy to see so many people attending! I hope that with each week more and more people will come to where we don’t have enough room in the main chapel room! I know we can do it! The meetings were lovely as always! Hermana Hernandez and I taught gospel principles. After church we went to Familia Moreyra´s for lunch! They are another family that I just love to death! They are just the sweetest!!! and as always the food was DELICIOUS! 🙂 We then had lessons with the Relief Society Pres. and her two granddaughters! They were the cutest! They drew us pictures which were darling!
IMG_2340-1 IMG_2343-1
We then visited some recent converts. First Hermano Ardilles and then later Hermano Juan Pablo and Mateo. So after our lesson we headed to our lesson with Juan Pablo and Mateo. On the way out of nowhere…it started to POUR RAIN! and I mean pour. We were soaked!!!!! We gave our lesson to them as we dripped water! The lesson went REALLY well! Juan Pablos mom came in and listened. She is not a member but she is a firm believer in Christ. The Spirit was so strong in the lesson. Another cool thing about this lesson was as soon as the mother came in she looked at me and said to me ” you are absolutely beautiful.”( as I am drenched and soaking wet!) She said there was just something about me and she wanted to hear what I had to say.  She is this sweet older woman. She came and sat next to me. She wanted to share her beliefs and experiences of God with me! It was such a powerful experience for me. The Lord truly prepares specific people for us and I believe that she has been prepared specifically for me. She may not be baptized or accept the church but I believe and know that I can help her increase her faith in Christ and help her draw closer to Him!
So all in all that is just a short summary of my week! 🙂 It was great! Sure there were hard times and I still can’t speak the language perfectly, but as they say here “esta semana fue maravillosa!” this week was marvilous! I love the privilege I have to be here in the work of the Lord and to serve the people here! I truly have a love for the people her and want to do all I can to help and strengthen them! I have a strong testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. It has blessed my life and your lives! We have this glorious and joyful gospel in our lives- let’s share it with others! no? I know the BOM is true everyday I get the opportunity to read and studies it’s words! It is a strength, a comfort, and guide in my life! I know that we can receive answers to any question we have through the BOM! It is amazing how much I have learned on my mission! I feel I have really strengthened my relationship with my Savior and Father in heaven. I have learned so much here that I plan to apply to the rest of my life!
Random (but Fun) Things:
So we just got news that in about two weeks an apostle is coming to visit our mission! So all the missionaries here will get to go to a conference and hear from an apostle! I am soooooo pumped!
Things I eat- well besides our lunches with members all I eat or buy is cereal and milk and crackers! hahahah I buy corn flakes! They come in these small bags so I buy about 5 bags of cereal and then my bags of milk! hahahah YUM right? ahahah I love it! Actually this week I was bold and daring and bought one bag of yogurt! 🙂 check me out! hahah Love it!
Weather: besides the random rain and strorms it is reallyyy HOT! I am so nervous for summer…. I might die!  My companion told me it gets so hot that she sometimes sleeps with a wet towel that they have put in the fridge or sometimes the freezer! yeah! oh the adventures that wait me! 🙂 I love them!
There continues to be LOADS of dogs! everywhere! I see a dog fight everyday!
Que va a hacer? (what are you going to do?) the common phrase here!
Cute boys from our ward fishing near where we live

Cute boys from our ward fishing near where we live!

Sweetest little girl!

Sweetest little girl!

Con Amor,
Hermana Ostler
Ps. To all of you who have written me. I am sorry! I have responses to all of your emails. I just don’t have time to respond  to all in one sitting! Know you are loved and I will get to you as soon as I can! Please keep updating me on your lives! I love it!

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