SIX WEEKS IN ARGENTINA!!! October 20, 2014

SIX WEEKS IN ARGENTINA!      WOW!  How time flies when you are doing the Lord´s work! 😉 But it is true! I have been here for 6 weeks! Half-way through my 12 semanas with my trainer! CRAZY!!!!!


TUES: Tuesday we had a district meeting in Santa Teresita which is an hour bus ride. We had our last district meeting with some missionaries because yesterday was transfers! 😦 But I am excited to meet our new district leader and the other new missionaries! 🙂 The meeting was great! We took a quick photo and then ran to catch the bus- turns out the bus was late! Que suerte!


We later had our meeting with the President of our branch and we reviewed the people we had visited and made goals on how we can be better and who we need to focus on and how we can help them! It is awesome! 🙂 We didn’t get to teach anyone but all in all it was a good day!

WEDS: Today we went to pick up a member- Hermana Celia. She accompanied us to visit a less active member. We picked her up and walked all the way to her house. The sister we went to visit was busy but we scheduled an appointment  Friday to visit her. We then dropped Celia off and headed to an appointment we had with an Investigator- Maria! 🙂 It went really well we gave a lesson on faith and invited her to come to church. She agreed- but unfortunately she did not attend. 😦 but we will see her this week- we have an appointment with her! We then rode to San Bernardo which is not in our area for an appointment with a member but they were not home! We were so bummed because we were really excited to have a lesson with them and it was really far from our area on bikes! Oh well. We then booked it back to our area for an appointment we had with another investigator-Blas. We had to have the lesson outside, so we ended up standing outside his house and gave the lesson! (it was a bit chilly) He accepted a baptismal date and it went really good! We are going to have more lessons with him this week! So yeah! 🙂

THURS: TODAY WAS SUPER HOT-I WAS DRENCHED IN SWEAT! (it’s only spring……yeah…) So first off we decided to visit Fam. Godoy. They are a less active family. We have been going through our list of all the members here in our mission. There are a lot of inactives and so that is what we have been working on. So first visited this family- they were SOOOO FAR (MUY LEJOS!!!! ) My companion and I certainly got our workout-for the week! 🙂 Thankfully the family was there and agreed to meet with us the following week! Yeah! We then stopped by Fam. Quierco´s! Love them they are fun and super sweet. She gave us magnets that she made!


We then went and had lunch with Fam. Barbosa. I started the lesson and everything it was great! 🙂 Later we visited another really less active member- Maria. The lesson went great and we will be visiting here this coming week! 🙂 The people here are really great!

FRI: Today we had weekly planning. Then we had lunch with fam. Olivera! LOVE THEM! The food was soooo good! it is called “Pan de Carne”! I got the recipe! I am excited! I am going to come home with lots of recipes! The food her is soooo good! You can tell by my photos! I am really starting to gain…. hahah Anyways we then went and picked up Hermana Celia again to visit the less active member. But the woman wasn’t there. I felt so bad. We then tried to visit another less active relatively close by but she wasn’t there either. 😦 Hermana Celia is awesome she is about 60 and she was so cute in her church dress and heels! She was such a trooper! 🙂 We went back to her house and she gave us hot chocolate with toast! Yum!  We gave her a lesson! We then left to go have FHE with the young Barbosa Family (one of the son´s of Fam barbosa). It went really good and I gave a lot of the lesson! it was such a great experience and the spirit was definitely there!

SAT: We were able to do service with Fam. Morera! We helped fold all there laundry and clean/organize their house! It was way fun! I love service! We then had lunch with Fam. Gonzalia and the Elders from San Bernardo.


We then visited Hermana Norma and helped her son learn how to read and write. We then had an appointment with a contact we had given a BOM to but he wasn’t  home.

SUN: Weather today was crazy! SUNNY->POURING RAIN->little bit of hail->SUN (all within 20 minutes) Today was Mother´s day in Argentina! SO HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! LOVE YOU ALL! The church today was full! 😀 I was soo happy! We had the most we have ever had (58)! It’s a lot! We then had lunch with a Fam. Gerez. (Bishop Gerez and all his family) It was so great and the food was really good! it was so great!


I really have a love for the people here! They are the best! I enjoyed spending lunch with them! We then visited Hermana Norma. We gave a lesson and watched the video “only a stonecutter” it is a great video. The man is such an example of enduring to the end and being obedient! He shows his love to God by fulfilling his calling! Watch it! its great! (i believe it is in youtube- would be a great FHE lesson) 🙂 Anyways today i couldn’t stop smiling! I was just so happy! The missionaries here joke with me that I have a LONG time left on my mission and it is true! But I am so grateful because I really love this opportunity that I have to be here! I have developed a strong love and relationship with the people here! It is going to be so hard to leave them! When we were teaching Hermana Norma as I was bearing my testimony the words came out THE MISSION IS A PRIVILEGE! As I thought more about it, it is so true. It is such a blessing and opportunity! it really is a small sacrifice to give up 18 months of my life at home. To be honest yeah it is hard, but the good times are so much sweeter and blot out the hard! I miss all of you but this is where I am supposed to be! The Language: Its coming along! Yeah! I am starting to speak way more in lessons! Just last night my companion and I practiced giving lessons. I had to give the lesson by myself and I did it! She said I did really good!


My Castellano was correct but more importantly she really felt the spirit! Another cool thing was I didn’t have anytime to prepare, but a scripture came to mind and she said it was perfect and that she had never thought of using that scripture for the topic that I was teaching! We are truly just the instruments in Gods hand! It is so cool to be able to teach through the Spirit! BUT it truly is crazy! I think in Castellano and it comes out pretty easily- but don’t get me wrong I HAVE A LOT TO LEARN! and I love it! But it us really hard sometimes! Especially because they speak a bit differently and fast! 🙂 I don’t have much time to write all the amazing things I learned from this week especially in personal study but one scripture I want to share with you is in 1 Peter 1:7 it says that “The trial of our faith is more precious than that of gold!” it is hard to look at our trials as blessings and worth but they truly are. With trials we tend to focus on struggles but we sometimes forget to see the blessings and developments that came because of our trials. We wouldn’t be who we are today without our trials. So try not to focus on the trial itself but how you react to the trial! They can and will be a blessing if we let them! I love you all! Miss you! I love my Savior and his sacrifice for me! He lives and loves us! I know this church is true and that it is the church of God! We are His children and He loves us! Have a great week and hope to hear how it goes next monday!

Love you all!

CON AMOR, Hermana Ostler


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