Been In ARGENTINA one month!!!!! October 6, 2014

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I have almost been here in Argentina for a WHOLE MONTH! ahhhhhhh craziness! it flies! Conference was great and I hope you were all able to enjoy it! I am so grateful for prophets and apostles! It’s the best to hear the instruction of the Lord! 🙂 I listened to it all in Castellano so…. But I did get a good bit out of it! That was a small miracle that happened! all the other US missionaries got to listen to it in english I was the only one who couldn’t but it was ok! 🙂

IMG_0754 IMG_0733

This past week the weather has been crazy! We had lots and LOTS of wind and rain too!  So we have been all kinds of sick but all is well! So sorry this letter is going to be a little short but hopefully good! 🙂
Awesome Personal Experience!
So one goal I made with the President is to open my mouth more even when I am scared to or may not have the words! The next day I had the opportunity to put this in practice! As we went to visit a family I had the impression to ask the young boy how his music was going. A simple question and not to hard to ask. So we visited with the mom for a little bit but the family was busy. My companion was getting ready to leave but this question was pressing! so pressing. I was so scared to ask and worried I wouldn’t understand the response. But finally I said who cares just do it! So I asked the son the question! He looked so happy when I asked him! Like someone was interested. He talked about his music and asked if I could help him with the english lyrics that he has to learn. I was able to help him for a little bit. It was great! I realized that the Lord knew what he needed and this simple question was the trigger. I was able to help him and build trust with this young boy. He knew he could trust us. After something even cooler happened. He turned to me and told me that his family is actually really struggling with the gospel and life in general. He was able to open up to me and my companion. We were able to know what their family needed! HOW COOL! The Lord knows all and we as missionaries are soley His hands in this great work!
Another cool experience!
My companion and I were teaching a family that is not all members. Solely the mom. After the lesson we were talking and enjoying the popcorn and laughing it was great! I love the people here! While sitting there, there was a moment where I was just overwhelmed with happiness and love! The thought entered my mind Yep we are different we speak different langauges, practice different cultures, wear different clothes BUT none of that matters WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD that is all that matters! Gods loves all his children and so must we! I love His beautiful children here in Mar de Ajó!!!!!! 🙂
So the dogs here are ridiculous! seriously! so many! Just today on a corner there were 7 sleeping and just relaxing! ahhh! hahah Also there was a cat sleeping in a store window! hahah crazness! love it! Anyways one night my companion and I were riding our bikes home on this one dirt rode. All of a sudden a bunch of dogs started chasing us and barking loads!!! My companion stopped and got off her bike. I didn’t know and kept biking. This one dog kept chasing me and was close by me he was mean and barking like crazy. He was really close and then all of a sudden I stopped!  My companion told me to get off my bike so I did. She came over to me and explained that when dogs are chasing you like that you immediately get off your bike or the dog will bite you! The dog should have bit me but instead stopped! I know the Lord was protecting me that night! I am so grateful too!
Other things of this week:
I celebrated my 2 month anniversary in the mission and my companion her 9 month! ahhh loco! We celebrated with ICE CREAM! Yeah! LOVE her! We have the best of times! It was sooo good! as we say her! Riquísimo!
My companion twisted her ankle this week… 😦 we visited the doctor today and have been ordered to stay home for 3 DAYS! ahhhh well lots of studying awaits! 🙂 hahaha Pobre!
I EAT WAY TOOO MUCH and know that I am gaining! hahaha oh well “que va a hacer” (what are you going to do?) ENJOY IIT! hahahaha 🙂
things I ate this week
– I ate a half already eaten mint… YUM. This sweet member gave us a mint and the one I was given just happened to be half/already eaten. It was stuck the the wrapper because it was sticky from being placed back in the wrapper after being sucked on. HAHAH what are you going to do? Nothing just enjoy it! hahaha so yeah I thought that was funny!
– I ate this one lunch with lots of chicken and bones! I am pretty sure I ate bone.. hhaha there was soo many  bones. yummy! hahah
– but I have eaten lots of yummy food! They cook yummy food here and have lots of yummy treats like chocolate goodies as you can see in my picture… hahahah
All I can say is thank goodness we bike and walk all day! hahah 🙂
All in all it was a great week with lots of fun and spiritual adventures! I love this gospel and am so grateful to be a missionary! The Lord is truly aware of us and is there for us! I plead- TURN TO HIM! He is waiting with open arms and can help lead you to happiness! Seek him to find ways in which you can be a better disciple of Christ!
Sorry this letter is a little different and random! But I love you all and love hearing from you! please keep writing me! I love it! I promise I will reply and get to you…in time! hahaha
Love, Hermana Ostler

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