The Adventures of a little Blonde girl in Argentina on week 3! September 29, 2014

The Adventures of a little Blonde girl in Argentina!

Oh man this week went by soooo fast! Seriously! So much happened this week! Dont know where to begin…. hmmmm how about with Tuesday! hahaha šŸ™‚ We woke up like usual and did our stairwell exercises! I seriously eat so much here! I am always hungry! It just part of being a missionary! Haahaha Tuesday we had a district meeting in Santa Teresita! Its about an hour bus ride away! We got there and had our meeting which was amazing! IĀ love all the elders in our zone! Seriously the guys who taught our lesson were absoluely amazing! The Elders who taught did such an awesome job! The Spirit was there and it made me want to do better as a missionary! After the meeting we headed back to beautiful Mar de AjĆ³ for our lunch appointment with Pres. OliveraĀ“s Family! I seriously love them! They are the best!
OH FUNNY STORY: On the way home on the bus, it was packed! This womanĀ“s belly was all over me! Her actual belly becauseĀ her shirt was undone and was a little to small for her! hahah Also her jacket was resting upon me the whole time! The whole 9 yards for thirty minutes! hahahah It was just great! hahaha šŸ™‚
So we made it to the OliveraĀ“s home! We had left over ravioli while the pizza cooked! She then asked if we wanted to try another left over and of course we said YES! Guess what is was….. COW TONGUE! Yep I had cow tongue! My heart started racing and IĀ knew IĀ had to try it at least once! This was my opportunity…. dang it! You could see the taste buds…. It made me sick just looking at it! But I took a bite and suprisingly it wasnt bad! I continued to eat it and then IĀ remembered what IĀ was eating and IĀ got a little queazy! But IĀ ate it all like a champ! haha then IĀ pounded down 5 or 6 pieces of pizza then a madarine orange! I could barely walk I felt so fat! It then began to rain so we ran home and grabbed our rain gear!
We had no luck that day! šŸ˜¦ Whenever it rains everyone sleeps! Actually we did contact one person who seems really awesome! We then went home a little bit early because my companion didn’t feel good! She rested the rest of the night! I had the opportunity to organize and go through the area folder, have more personal study, and clean up the flat a little bit! So tuesday was kind of a hard day with no lessons, rain, and my companion not feeeling well!
Ā But Wednesday, I woke up and the sunrise was just beautiful! absolutely gorgeous! I dont know why but that sunrise made me sooo happy!
Today in my personal study IĀ was reading in 1 nephi 16! This is when NephiĀ“s bow breaks and everyone is upset, angry with God, and are murmuring! However through all this Nephi makes a new bow and inquires of the Lord where to go to obtain food. We will all have trails in our lives, things will happen and we will question, “Why God. Why?” We become bitter and wallow in our misery and grief! Instead we MUST do as Nephi did- take it and push through it! Keep moving forward in fath and trust in the Lord. We need to pick our heads up and continue on! The lord will provide for us in his own time! But he will always provide! šŸ™‚ We then had lunch which was a bunch of random food. Cereal, oatmeal and crackers with dulche de leche (I love this stuff it is amazing! ) While we ate my companion put on Frozen! She is literally obsessed! Seriously! hahah Everytime we watch it it reminds me of you guys and our movie quoting! “Yooohooooo Big Summer Blowout!” hahahah Or Kaycee and my singing at the top of our lungs in her car “Love is an open door” Good times! I am so blessed to have family and friends like you that have given me such great memories! (btw in our area we are allowed to watch disney and church movies on p-day and other designated times) So anyways we went teaching and again no luck with lessons! but it was a BEAUTIFUL day! and I am getting a little tanner! well my arms and face are! My legs are pale and white as ever! hahah But hey we were able to contact 8 people in the streets! Yeah! It was then getting time to head home so we quickly stopped at a little store to but treats to lift our spirits and feed our never ending hunger!
THURSDAY SO woke up and the first thing IĀ did was blow dry my garments! hahah They hadn’t dried very well on the rack… hahah.. Then we exercised! Oh my companion is a hoot! For exercise today she put a plastic bag on her stomach in between her stomach and her garments! She told me she didn’t want to get sweat on her garments! hahahah Love her!
Personal Study today was amazing! I always have a desire to learn more! Today during part of my study IĀ read a talk entitled,” He lives all glory to his name!” by Elder Scott (2010 conference) I challange all of you to read it! It emphasizes the Atonement and the importance it has in our lives! Elder Scott gives a challenge that I want to take as well as all of you! He says, “I energetically encourage you to establish your personal study plan to better understand and appreciate the incomparable, eternal, infinite consequences of Jesus ChristĀ“s perfect fulfillment of his divinely appointed calling as our Savior and Redeemer! Profound personal pondering of the scriptures accompanied by searching, heartfelt prayer will fortify your understanding of and appreciation for His priceless atonement! Another powerful way to learn of Jesus Christ and his atonement is through temple attendance!” WOW it is so true the atonement is central to Heavenly fatherĀ“s plan for us! and it is such a gift! Elder Scott then promises that if we do this, ” it will provide strength and capacity needed for a successful life. It will also bring confidence in times of trial and peace in moments of turmoil!” How powerful a promise! BUT HOW TRUE! So IĀ challenege all of you to read this talk and apply its teachings in your life!
After studies we went and did service with another inactive family! Familia Quierco! I love them sooo much! We got there and got straight to work! We folded laundry. Cleaned out the fridge reorganized the kitchen, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, etc. It was great! I love service! WE then had lunch which was delicious! My companion and IĀ pounded it down! We then had a “dessert”. It was gross! The cheese top was good I had to choke it down with coke! It was so hard but IĀ did it! After this we ran home to change and it started to pour so we put on our rain gear and headed out to work! The bottom of my dress was soaked! literally had to wringe out all the water! But I didn’t care! šŸ™‚ We then visited a less active sister who is awesome! (the only way we found out that she wasn’t attending is because she can’t walk and has no way of getting there! But we are going to change that! šŸ™‚ We then went and taught a recent convert Juan Pablo. We taught him about temples. We then went home and did our studies, Towards the end of language study IĀ helped my companion learn the lyrics to let it go! hahahaha she loves it! :
FRIDAY Today we went running on the beach! I LOVED IT!!! MY companion….. not so much! We didn’t really run that much, but I didn’t care! (oh sad news IĀ found out that was my last day on the beach since summer is coming and missionaries are not allowed on the beach during busy seasons! sad!!!!) OH well then we did our weekly planning and then made lunch! Arroz con leche y galletas (rice with milk and crackers) YUM it was good!
We then went to work! We picked up Mailen again (recent member) to accompany us! We taught Alejandro (recent convert about temple) We then went over to visit another inactive family Fam Coronel! We first played a matching game with them! it was fun! We then gave a small lesson on the importance of prayer then headed over to take Mailen back home! Seriously IĀ love this girl she is awesome! We have become good friends! When we dropped her off she asked if we would take a picture with her! She also said she would love to go out with us again! šŸ™‚
SATURDAY Today was Entrevistas! Yeah! Interviews with President Thurgood! So we got up and got ready! We then headed to the bus and then off to Santa Teresita! On the way I memorized D&C 4 in Castellano! Yeah we arrived and got straight to it! My companion and IĀ did practices with the assitants! They said we did really good! Just encouraged me to talk more! šŸ™‚ After this I had my interview with Pres. Thurgood which was great! He asked how IĀ was doing! Honestly IĀ felt great I was just sooo happy! Adjusting had not been hard for me at all the only had thing was the language! He told me that would come with time! He then had me set some goals and then asked me to say the closing prayer which IĀ assumed he meant in castellano since he had for the opening so IĀ did. After the prayer he looked at me with almost a suprised look and said, “Oh Hermana Ostler you don’t have to worry about the language, you are going to be just fine! Trust me” oh what a comfort that was! My companion was next so IĀ went into the kitchen and had my pasteries which were DIVINE! Then I talked with Hermana Thurgood, the Secretary Couple and the other missionaries! We were laughing and enjoying each others company. After talking for a while the Secretary turned to me and said you know you are going to be a trainer earlier!Ā  I just know it! I thought oh NO and said IĀ can barely speak the language! He said just wait IĀ am sure of it! ahhhhhhhhh oh yeah also today was my companions 9 month anniversary! Yeah she is 9 months in! So everyone else left and then the missionaries who had to catch the bus quickly stopped and ordered food! I ordered Ā a Napo which supposedly is really good! it was! So we caught the bus and then quickly headed to our apartments to eat our food! (napo is meat with cheese and ham on top!) oh yeah the whole bus ride my stomach hurt but IĀ figured it was
because I was hungary! Ā After food we went and taught Hermana Norma! sweet spirits he is! I started to feel sick! I threw up twice in my mouth during the lesson…. gross! Then after the lesson she turned to me and asked if IĀ would give the closing prayer! She said IĀ did it so beautifullly! (me the girl who can barely speak castelleno!) how cool! We then left and IĀ let my companion know and we headed home! I was gagging the whole walk back and as we were passing familia Oliveras home IĀ threw up! We then got home and IĀ rested! Pres. Olivera called that night because his wife had seen me throw up and he wanted to make sure IĀ was ok! He told my companion that if i needed anything even if it was in the middle of the night to call him! How sweet! He is seriously the best!
Ā SUNDAY we went to church and companion gave a talk I started to not feel good again Pres Olivera noticed and told me right after lunch i should go home so that is what we did! I slept from 2 that afternoon until 6:30 the next morning! I felt so much better!
MONDAY Woke up feeling loads better! Pres. Olivera called again to check up on me! Seriously I love the people here! I have grown to have so much love for them! I am starting to build that relationship with them! it is amazing! LOVE all of you!
Love to recieve your emails please try and send them to me before Monday morning so IĀ can print them off and read them! Also sorry this weekĀ IĀ didn’t get to respond to anyone. The computer IĀ was emailing on crashed so IĀ lost a lot of time! Sorry! Anyways I love all of you and miss you to death! But IĀ know this is where IĀ am supposed to be! I know this is the Lord’s work! That he is my Savior and Redeemer! He lives and loves us! Enjoy General Conference! I know I will in Castellano….. wish me luck! šŸ™‚ Love you all dearly!
Hermana Ostler

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