Been here 12 days…..can’t believe it. September 15, 2014

Hola Familia!!!

Well I have been here 12 days! It is crazy! The language is a bit of a challenge but honestly every day it gets better and better! Last week I said how I didn’t understand a word these people said but now I am getting more used to it and am understanding a lot more! A lot!

So today was kind of a hard day for me! We did our morning routine and then rode our bikes over to the church to have district meeting. This finished at 12 so we still had one hour before lunch. We fixed my companions bike then tried (knocking) on doors. We didn’t get anyone. We then headed over to lunch at Family Olivera’s. We has pasta which was way good! Her son came home who is my age. He is a member but is inactive. He speaks a little bit of english. He said he had something to tell me so I said ok. He said – I don’t mean to offend you- and I thought oh no he is going to tell me my castellano is terrible or something like that but he then said- but you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen. – I had no idea how to respond! AKWARD! I get that a lot here though because I am like the only white blonde hair blue eyed human being! Everyone who sees me goes oh you must be from Los Estados Unidos! Your face says it all! Yep! Supposedly it is worse in the main city but our President is aware and really protects his sisters! So anyways after that we went and taught and visited other people!
Today for exercise we went running on the beach with the sunrise!!!!!!!! What a blessing! The lord has created such a beautiful world! We didn’t run super fast or anything because my companion is not a runner. We had to stop many times but I didn’t care I was just happy to be outside! For lunch my companion made pizza which was delicious!!! She is an amzing chef! I love her to death!
So we visted and taught other people and had some really awesome experiences! We then went and visited a recent member and taught him. He is struggling with a lot of things right now but is a great guy! He said the closing prayer and in the prayer he prayed for me specifically. He prayed for me to be able to learn the language quickly and to gain strong relationships with the people here! HOW SWEET! The people here are awesome!
Today we woke up and my companion was sick!!! So we stayed in for a few hours till she felt good enough to go out! In that time I got a lot of studying done and was able to clean and reorganize our place! It really needed it! We went out for a few hours and then I felt horrible my stomach ached and I felt like I was going to throw up. We went home and as we were riding I was in so much pain and got really dizzy! I took some medicine and rested. When I woke up later that night, feeling much better my companion had made crepes with dulce de leche! Oh it was so good!
The next day we both felt loads better and ready to work! That day in part of my personal study I was finishing a talk by Jeffery R Holland titled The MIRACLE OF A MISSION. It was an answer to my prayers! The mission has been the hardest thing I have ever done! and I am only 2 weeks in! Seriously this answer changed my day! It was such a comfort to me I dont know the exact quote but just bascially said sure it will be hard but thats life. If we will just give the Lord all of us the mission will transform us! Seriously no matter what was thrown at me that day- I was HAPPY! We then picked up a reent convert to accompany us that day in our lessons! She is awesome! Her name is Mailen. She is 25 and just the sweetest!
We first went to go teach someone we had contacted in the street! She let us in and we taught her! The lesson went sooooo amazing! I shared a little bit! My companion said it was soooo powerful! She said the spirit was so strong when I spoke! When testifying one of the things i said was- look I know this message is true with all my heart! I don’t know much castellano right now, I am still learning but what I do know is that the message that we have is true! It is the reason that I am here in Argentina! So others can have the truth that I have! I wouldn’t be here if i didn’t believe and know this with all my heart! The lesson went awesome! She agreed to meet with us again and said she will read the BOM and pray to know if what we taught her was true and if she should be baptized! It went soooooo goood! When we left my companion and I said -HECK YEAH- a saying my companion learned from another
American missonary! hahahaha We celebrated by stopping by the little grocery near the station and I bought all of us a chocolate treat! They are THE BEST!!!!!!!!! MUY RICO! We then continued with our day and teaching! Then as the day began coming to a close we took Mailen back home! THE whole way I couldn’t stop smiling I was soooo happy! I said hello to everyone and was just so HAPPPY! This truly is a joyous work!
Today we did service for an older couple the wife is a member but cannot walk and the husband is not a member. We cleaned their entire house which is actually rather small but it definitely needed it! Oh yeah I happened to come ACROSS A scripture today that really hit me! D&C 10:5 When we pray we have the ability to conquer all even Satan! How awesome and true is that! It is just like Elder Ostler was saying in his email!
Prayer is so important and we really need to make it an important part of our lives! It is an opportunity we have to communicate with our father in heaven! We need to pray intently and when we do we will be able to really experience the power and blessings that come from prayer! I have definitely seen that here on my mission! There are days where it seems like my mission will last forever! But then I realize how important this work is! It is so worth is and Is such a blessing! like prayer,  I have to put in my full intent with a sincere heart! Only then will I see the power and blessings that come from missionary work! And that is what I am doing everyday in my morning prayers I literally turn myself over to the Lord. This is his work! and the only way that his work will move forward is if I do it in his way! When I turn myself over to him I am saying use me as an instrument in thy hands I am thy servant and I am ready to do thy work! I Have noticed since I have started doing that my days are a lot better! Oh another crazy thing my companion was telling me that i will probably be here in Mar de Ajo until March! what craziness! That would be 9 months! half of my mission! I realized this is really my area! This is where the Lord needs me to make a difference! I really want to do all i can and really gain a connection with the people here! We don’t have a lot of members attending in fact only 26 to be exact… but my goal is to change this! We have lots of inactives but when I leave Mar de Ajo, I want the chapel to be over filled with people!
So after we went and visited a cantact we recieved from the elders and a member! We went and taught her. She is a mother of two cute kids! We taught her and she is very interested. She said she would pray and has accepted to prepare to be BAPTIZED! She is not married but we brought up the topic and asked if she would talk about it with her husband that week. We got a text that night saying they had decided they wanted to get married! yeah! So many people here don’t get married because it is expensive! But this was just so awesome! We are so happy for them! That would be three being baptized in October possibly! We then visited other people and families! My companion dyed the hair of one of the sisters in our ward! 🙂 oh what fun!
DOMINGO! Church! I shared a short talk today and it went well everyone told me I spoke really clearly and correctly! Yeah! I felt bad one of the elders who has been on his mission for 10 months was told he needs to practice and learn the language but really it is just the way he speaks it has a little slur to it but it is way easy to understand him. He is good! We also were able to pick up an inactive and bring her to church! It was so great and we got the members involved with her! We taught primary today! There were three young girls! oh wow! 🙂
So we went to a inactive woman’s home and taught a lesson! I had to go to the bathroom sooo badly! She said I could use her bathroom. It didn’t have a door just a curtain. So I went to the bathroom. It was so awkward because they were super quiet and were right outside the bathroom when I was going! hahaha Then the toilet wouldn’t flush right! Oh well what you going to do! Also that same day my tights kept falling down so I kept having to hike up my tights! hahahah one time we were out in the middle of nowhere and I literally pulled up my dress and re adjusted my tights! of craziness! hahaha
Oh its great!
Today was great tooo! We woke up did some shopping bought food pigged out and watched frozen!!!!! in english and spanish! My companion loves it is english she kept replaying the songs and she wrote them down so she could learn them! She is awesome and super funny! LOVE her to death! She is planning on coming to the US after her mission and we are planning to hang out! yeah! she is the best!
So yep that is my week in a nut shell! Thank you for all the letters! Please keep writing! I promise I will get to all of you! Love you all! and miss you dearly!
LOVE, Hermana Ostler

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