Alive in Argentina!!! Off to a good start.

Hellooooooooooo!!!! I am alive and have made it here! It is crazy but yes I am here in Argentina! Can you believe it Argentina! Wow so much has happened! I arrived and was given a companion and off we went! I love my companion! Her name is Hermana Hernandez! She is from Hondurus and is 22 years old. She has been on her mission for 9 months! She is awesome! Love her and we get along sooo well! So the area that I was assigned to is Mar de Ajò! I love it here! It is very simple and almost poor! Their houses are small! It has made me soooo grateful for what I have! So my area was 6 hours from the mission house! 6 hours so my traveling to my mission wasn’t over when I got to the mission home! This mission is huge!!!! So basically I am on the coast!  It is pretty I am right next to the beach! From our apartment I can watch the sunrise everymorning on the water it is gorgeous!!!


Oh Sorry I forgot my journal so I might forget to tell you everything! So here in my area here are some interesting things! First of all in our apartment which is pretty big, we have to shower with buckets because our temperatures dont work we have to mix the water and use buckets.  After using the bathroom we have to pour water in the toilet- this is our flushing technique! hahah also our room had bed bugs and my companion and I got bitten!  So we had to go to a different city for 2ish days! (ill explain a little later) Other things… here there are LOTS of dogs and horses everywhere! In the street next to houses EVERYWHERE! hahahh there is also lots of sand/mud! So when it rains the streets become ponds/lakes! Oh by the way we have bikes in our mission! yes! hahah Everything closes in the afternoon for like 2-4 hours for naps! It is just crazy but awesome! Another thing is here they only really eat two meals- breakfast and lunch! no dinnner really!!!!! ahhh OH also we don’t knock on doors or ring bells, we clap our hands! Oh I miss you guys dearly but I love it here! Sometimes it is hard thinking I will be here for 17 months! But I hear it goes by fast! so I need to take advantage of all my time here! So first day we arrived to Mar de Ajò it was so late at night so we just went to bed. The next day was a zone conference/meeting, so we woke up got ready and headed to the bus station to head to Pinamar where our zone would meet! We got to pinamar and had our meeting! Sometimes I was lost and to be honest I was soooooo nervous! But I love my zone they are awesome and super funny! They all have such strong personalitlies!  So we had that and then we had lunch which was pizza! (so the first 3 days i didnt eat like anything- but now I am starving all the time!!!! all the time!) After this we got back on the bus and headed home. We then got back to the apartment and she let me unpack and get situated. Then that night we went and visited a woman who is less active (there are soooo many less active members here so that is what we focus on) It went well! Did I understand everything OF COURSE NOT!  It went well and I said some things! No one else was home so finally it was time to go home. The next day we woke up exercised and got ready, then out we went to get to work! We contacted and were able to have some lessons! I was able to say a little and understand a little.  So anyways like I was saying earlier our house had bed bugs so they had to come and fumigate it so we had to go live with the sisters in Pinamar for 2ish days! We left Friday morning! We got there, did our studies and then made lunch! After we did splits! I went with a Hermana Rodas from Mexico who has been our for a year! It went well! It was hard at times to even understand her but for the most part I understood a good bit! One cool experience that happened is we went and taught a less active woman. While teaching her I eneded up sharing my short testimony! Right after I shared it, she said that was exactly it and that she completely agreed! It was such a amazing experience! To be honest I don’t have a clue what I said- I don’t remember all I know is the spirit was speaking through me to this sister because she felt something and actually understood and I don’t speak spanish well yet! What a miracle! After she gave us some really good sweet bread! What an experience!!!!! Seriously! The next day we woke up got ready had studies and then went and did service in an area! It was way fun! I will have to send you a picture of my outfit! hahah it is hilarious! We didn’t know that the missionaries in Pinamar were having a service project so we didn’t bring clothes we had to borrow and mix and match! haha


We picked up lots of trash! it went so well even non members that lived nearby who saw what we were doing came and helped! awesome!  After service we did splits again! This time I went with Hermana Hansen!  She is from Utah and has been out on her mission for 14 months! She speaks sooooo well! I hope I can speak like her! We helped an investigator move and then we shared a small lesson with her! I felt the spirit sooo strongly in this lesson! I could see her being baptized! She wasnt really progressing like they wanted but I could feel it and see it! After Hna Hansen and I went back to the house to do my studies! It was so great to be able to talk to her since she had to language experience before she got here! She said she knew way less than me and I was way ahead of a lot of missionaries! This gave me some hope! she seriously gives me hope to think it is possilble! The next day we woke up and went to church with them. It went well and did I  understand everything? Of course NOT! But it went well!  We then had lunch and headed back to Mar de Ajò we unpacked opened  the windows to air out the apartment and then we went out to see a family. The father is a member but the wife is catholic. We went and shared a lesson with them. Oh her food was sooo good! ) well more like treats! yummy! I shared a short testimony but the spirit was so strong! After the lesson after we had left my companion turned to me and said that I did so good she said the spirit was definitely there and that while I spoke she saw a difference in the wife, she had smiled. My companion knew she had felt something! WOW sooooo coool! It so awesome to be a missionary expecially in these moments! As we headed home my companion and I were talking and laughing it was great! At one point she was talking and I was like what does that word mean and she said ohhhhh I forgot you are still learning becuase the whole time I have been here we only speak spanish! its loco! I don’t know how it is possible but it is! Through the LORD! Today we had a district activity! We went to a place where there was a maze and then we played sports it was fun! For lunch I had two little sweets! hahahah wow! So things I have eaten since being here: pizza, empanadas, pasta, sweetmilk with rice, and chocolate sweets! thats about it! hahaha. But I am loving it here! I miss all of you dearly, not a day goes by that I dont think about you! Wish you could be here to share these experiences with me!

I love you all and hope to hear from alll of you by next monday!
Ciao con Amor!
Hermana Ostler

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