Week 4 in the MTC

Well not only am I still alive, BUT I AM LOVING IT HERE! It has been the best experience ever! And something even crazier is….. it is my one month anniversary….i got my TRAVEL PLANS yesterday…. and I LEAVE IN 9 DAYS! ARGENTINA here I come!!!!! πŸ™‚ I am so pumped and ready to share the gospel with these people! It has been awesome!
So this week has been great! I have been teaching a lot of lessons. I have been teaching up to 3/4 lessons everyday! Its awesome! We love all of our “investigators” however one of them is real and she is awesome! She is going to be baptized October 8th! How exciting! We love her! Yesterday was our last day to teach her but we got pictures and promised we would stop by next weeek! This coming week we teach lessons over Skype to actual people in Argentina! This is crazy and soooooo exciting!
Espanol- My Spanish is coming along really well! It is incredible how much it has progressed! Yesterday I went in to a lesson prepared with what i wanted to say however that is not what the spirit had in mind. however all that I was directed to say came out in great Spanish! It is awesome! I have been able to understand my teacher from day one however now I can have conversations with him that are not choppy or off in any way!
Life here is awesome! I eat WAY TOO MUCH! My district calls me an ANIMAL hahah because I am always eating and not only that but I eat alot! We sometimes have PAPA JOHNS for dinner and one night I ate 7 pieces of pizza and had ice cream! YUM! hey I cant help it I love to eat! hahaha But surprisingly I have only gained 1 pound! weird! But i mean i do go running with my companion every night! It is awesome she is not a runner and not a big fan of running, but she did it for me but she has lost 10 pounds so it is awesome! YEAH!
I love my calling as sister training leader- I have come to love our sisters soooo much! Not only that but I have become an older sister to a lot of the elders in our zone! They are always coming to me for advice questions or just to talk! It is awesome! I have really begun to bond with this zone! They tell me how sad they will be when i leave, and i know i will be just as sad! Hahaha They call me “traitor” sometimes as a joke sometimes because I am somewhat of a master at 4-square! Who knew?!?! hahah I made an alliance with two elders and then accidentally got both of them out! so they always tease me and that is where i get the name! But it is so fun! we are always having a blast during gym. whether it is volleyball, 4-square, or knockout! We played knockout yesterday and it was so fun! The guys did not expect me to be a player but I showed them! hahaha there was one where Elder Trost and I had it our for ever we were just swishin it like no other! hahahaha it was fun! I love it! Today after lunch we are going to have a zone volleyball “tournament” it will be a blast! πŸ™‚ But yeah it is great! This morning one of them had to have me teach them how to do laundry! Oh what fun, they are the funniest! hahahah But I love it, I’ll be walking around campus and all of a sudden I hear “HERMANA OSTLER” and it is one of the goofballs in my zone! Oh its the best! πŸ™‚
Funny story- so Hermana Webb and I were studying outside when all of a sudden two elders (unknown) came outside their classroom which was right across from us (except we are one story above them, so we were looking down) There was a wasp flying around the bushes, all of a sudden this elder gets his ruler and smacks the wasp dead. So we though oh they didnt want to study with a wasp flying around their head! NO- they then proceeded to look for where the wasp had landed and picked it up with the ruler and put it in what we later found out was a spider web. They were feeding a spider! Then it gets better! Then other elders come out and go whaoh are you feeding Raphael? They go no we just fed Santaigo! ahahahah oh goodenss these elders were hilarious! In the 3 weeks that they had been there they had named the spiders in their bushes and fed them! hahahaha what laughs! We were laughing so hard!
But yeah I love it here and the Spirit is so strong and I learn so much!
This week there was a lot of things I learned and studied! One that I want to share with you is in D&C 6:32-37
I love this! It is so powerful! The lord is our rock and is watching over his flock! We must not fear or doubt for the Lord is on our side! I love missionary work and know that through him I can get through all the hard times and all the trials that I may face! I know that he can do the same for you and all the people that I will be teaching! This gospel is great and happy news and I can’t wait to share it with others! I know that our Savior is always there for us and willing to help us all we need to do is open the door unto Him (Rev. 3:20) he is waiting! Open the door unto Him!
Sorry my letter today was kind of short! I love you all though! I miss you but know this is where I am supposed to be!
Hermana Ostler

Oh man! So next week I will be able to send you pictures and lots of them so yeah!
Also I have been seeing a lot of Elder Ostler and it has been great! I love seeing him and he is doing great


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