Getting Close to the End of MTC Life…BEST TEACHERS EVER!!!

Oh Goodness! Times have flown by so fast here! I leave on Monday!!!! Que? Ok the last 24 hours have probably been the saddest ever! We said goodbye to our teacher! So crazy thing, they switched our teachers the last 3 days! gosh why right? BUT our teacher asked our”new” teacher to switch with him yesterday for our last day! yeah! So we had class, he gave us such a great lesson and just talked to us. He is the best I am going to miss him soooo much! We all loved him. We couldnt have asked for better! He loves us so much and we could tell! He would do anything for us! So then we took him to the pool house and performed our song for him! Be Still My Soul! (spanish/english) It was awesome and we gave him the gift! He loved it! 🙂 yeah!!!!!! Honestly he is the best teacher ever and i already miss him! It was so sad saying goodbye!

Hermana Ostler!



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