At the airport….ARGENTINA here we come.

Hola Familia!

I made it to Argentina safely!  We had such a interesting and fun adventure getting here!  As you know I was able to share the gospel with the man sitting next to me and he took a pass along card.  On the second flight I sat next to a sweet older woman. She only spoke SPANISH and surprisingly enough I understood most of it and was able to help her with several things while on the flight.  Towards the end (like the last 20 min.) we faced strong winds and turbulence.  This woman was terrified, she would quietly shriek and began to cry.  She then reached for my hand.  I held her hand the rest of the way and she was able to comfort her.  It was such and experience.  I am so excited to serve the people of Argentina! I already have so much love for them.  Buenos Aires wasn’t what I expected but I imagine it will be so much better than I expected!  I just want you to know I am safe and ready to serve!

I love you and will write you on my P-DAY!!  Miss you tons! *Pray for me I will need it!*


Hermana Ostler


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