Week 2 in the MTC


Wow I have no idea where to start! This week has been so great and gone sooooo fast! I love it here and feel as though I am drawing closer to Christ everyday! I have had some pretty amazing experiences since being here!
So the “investigator” that we had been teaching is now another one of our teachers (Hermano Porter)! it is so nice he was able to give us all feedback! He said that he was really impressed with my companion and I and said we were the best of the best! Obviously we had things to work on! It was amazing how strongly our teacher and us could feel the Spirit during these lessons! I can’t wait to teach other people about the gospel and invite them unto Christ!
Spanish is going really good for me. Right now we are still learning some of the basics so my teacher has me help him teach and work with one of the sisters who is struggling! BUT that being said I have a lot of work to do! My Spanish is not even close to where it needs to be, but i am working hard!
It is amazing how much we get done in just one day! I am up around 6 and not in bed until 10:30! We have 3 study sessions a day which are about 4 hours each, an hour for gym and then meal times! But I love it! I also love gym time. Our district loves to play volleyball! My district is hilarious and super fun and unique! Oh one of the guys in my district, his name is Elder Green, went to school with Krista Wilson! How crazy is that!!! Small world!
Oh it is just such an amazing atmosphere here! I sang in chior at Tuesday devotional and that was such an amazing experience! I also got to see around 8 of my friends!!!!!! I even got to see Sister Hunt (Sweet Madeline!). She was leaving the next day! How crazy is that! We got a picture together! I will have to send it to you later! I also saw Elder Policky, Elder Greener, Elder Lees, Elder Pixton, Elder Mostellor, Sister Marley, Elder Schmidtlein, and many more! Its crazy and fun!

Sister Madeline Hunt. She is going to be a great missionary. BYU freshman buddies!


Elder Nathan Lees and Sister Madeline Hunt. Great friends from freshman year!

Ca’t wait to be able to see Elder Ostler around west campus! (PS Taylor we can play VB together if our gym time is the same! Yeah! Can’t wait for you to be here! You will love it and do so awesome!) I love P-days because we get to go to the temple in the morning- it is amazing! I love it!

Hermana Tongi, Hermana And my companion Hermana Webb.


At the temple with the district!!

My companion is great and we get along well! She is funny and really hard working! Hhahah funny story today she let me do her hair (I curled it, which she said her hair wouldnt be able to do- it did :D) and makeup! it was so much fun! She loved it!  The other girls in our district and room are super sweet! One of them is from New-Zealand! She is the sweetest!  Poor thing she is on crutches right now but she is just as positive as ever!
So during our 4 HOUR study sessions we do – personal study, companion study, language study, and then additional study! It is very tiring but also so powerful! I have loved every minute of it! The Spirit is so strong and my love for the scriptures has deepened so much!
Oh so next week, well starting Monday we will have two investigators to teach! I am so excited! I love teaching lessons! The Spirit is so strong and I feel like each time they get better and better! Honestly I know that the Lord is there for us and will help us. There is a scripture in D&C that talks about how we must first learn of God and obtain his word and then we may speak his word. I know that as I learn more about the gospel and strengthen my testimony that the Lord will fill my mouth and help me to say what my investigators need to hear in Spanish! (but obviously I still need to put in work in studying the language! My most recent lesson I was able to say all that I wanted to say in Spanish with little struggle or pausing! I know that the Lord and the spirit helped me to teach that lesson as they have everyone that I have taught!
I am not going to lie sometimes it is really hard and I can’t believe I will be doing this for 18 months, but I love it and couldn’t see myself doing anything better! I want to serve a mission and I want to share the gospel! I want others to have the happiness and joy that I get from knowing that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and a Savior who atoned for me and knows exactly what I am going through! I want others to have the strength that the gospel can give in their lives!
Well I love you all but I must go my time is up! I will try to be better about organizing my thoughts before I write and send the email. I just want you all to know that I love and miss you! I know this is where I am supposed to be! I know the Lord loves us and wants us to be happy! He has a plan for us and part of that plan is growing and learning! I know that this mission will help me to grow and learn and become more like my Savior and bring others unto Christ!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!
Hermana Ostler

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