Week 1 in the MTC

Hey family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am LOVING it here! The spirit is sooo strong and I know this is where I am supposed to be. It can be hard at times but I know this is the best decision I have made! Since I have been here I have been able to teach a lesson in Spanish and will be giving one tonight as well! Yeah! It is going great! My companion and I were able to teach a 30 minute lesson all in Spanish about Joseph Smith and the Restoration! Gosh it was incredible and I know the spirit was really helping us! Ok sorry my email is not going to be in any particular order so please bear with me! So my companion’s name is Hermana Webb and she is from Seattle, Washington! We get along well and both really want to learn the language! Our district is hilarious! we have one of the bigger districts of 12 so we have to squish in this tiny room for classes, but its the best! Speaking of class, I absolutely love our teacher! He is so great and only speaks Spanish! Suprisingly I understand everything he had said so far- thank goodness right? hahahh He is just such a great teacher and he is very funny! He is very nice and told me that I am doing really well in the language! He calls me Gizelle and everytime he comes over near my desk or to talk to me he hums the song from Enchanted! hahah it is hilarious! He thinks I look so much like Gizelle from the movie Enchanted! 

For workouts we have gone to play volleyball both times it is my favorite! We plan to play with our district a lot during gym times! The food is pretty good we get sack lunches a lot just because they are easier and you get a lot of food and you can take it back to your room to eat and you can save it! (sorry my grammar isn’t very good. I am trying to get all that I can in! ) 
Anyways I want to share with you a personal experience that happened to me yesterday that was very powerful. That morning I said a prayer and one of the things I prayed for was love for my companion. After some study time, I had the prompting to have an “informal inventory” (we have to have companion formal inventories once a week but they encourage informal ones as well) So all of a sudden words just started flowing from my mouth! I was expressing how much I loved her and for her sweet and dedicated spirit and just told her some of the strengths I have already noticed and how I can’t wait to get to know her more over the next 6 weeks! This was such a powerful experience for me! I experienced the love my Savior has for my companion and was able to see her as he sees her! The Spirit was so strong and we were both in tears! Also before that during companion study as we were discussing what to teach Raul and what he needs. The Spirit was so powerful! I felt love for Raul and was directed on what to teach him! I just began to cry and realized how incredible this gospel is! I have only been here three days but already the Spirit is testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel so strongly. I am just so grateful to be apart of this gospel and to have this opportunity! In just these three days I have experienced and learned so much! 
I also met my branch presidency and they are great! After I was interviewed, one of the bretheren told me that I had such a positive and happy spirit! He said my positive attitude will be such a blessing and he could tell that I was here will real intent! It was such a powerful statement to me! But I cant take the credit! I wouldn’t be who i am without all the people who have touched my life and helped me! Mom and Dad you taught me to face life and be happy about it! Thank you! Also for the next 3 weeks I am the senior companion oh goodness! hahaha 
Oh another thing so the first day we went to a “devotional type introduction” with the MTC Presidency. During the meeting, President Nally asked me to come share my testimony in front of all the missionaries! I was terrified! (Taylor watch out, he could do the same for you! hahah) But it was awesome! He then told everyone about how he had just set me apart that morning and how I was having the hardest decision where to eat lunch. He then asked me what I decided! I said Cafe Rio and we all laughed! It was great! President Nally is so amazing and he really loves the missionaries! He told people in the staff to look out for me and to make sure I was doing ok! Just the other day the cafeteria guy noticed my name and told me all about what President Nally said about me and we talked for a bit! He just was checking in! Seriously there is just so much love here! 
So everyone there is this amazing thing called dearelder.com which is amazing!!!!!!! If you go to the website you can type me a letter that day and it will get to me that same day! The MTC will print it off and deliver it to me! So please all of you write me. I want to know how all of you are and what you are up to! 
But seriously I love it and just smile everytime I think about the fact that I am here and I am a missionary and I am a representative of the Lord! I know I have a lot of work ahead of me and that is will be hard, but I know that as I depend on the Lord and do all that I can first, the Lord will help me to accomplish all that I need to! I know this church is true and I know this is where I am supposed to be! Taylor, I cant wait for you to join me! And we will probably run into each other all the time! 
 Anyways I love you guys and cant wait to hear from you! Love and miss you mucho! 
Hermana Ostler

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